LOOK: Feel Like A Celebrity In This Holiday Home In Mactan Beach

Amuma Mactan, the flagship project of Exacon Landworth completed last December 2020 is not called a “Masterbuild” without grounds.

Taken from the word masterpiece, it denotes being the only one of its kind. Yes this is not replicated units in housing development, this is a single house with a name. And what makes this build more unique is that every space is designed with latest architecture trends making it a contemporary luxury. It’s no wonder why many of its features resemble those of famous celebrities. Check out whose celebrity houses have similarities with our masterbuild.

Vice Ganda

One stark example of Amuma Mactan’s celebrity-like feature is the Main Entrance Pivot Door  similar to the door mechanism of Vice Ganda’s industrial-inspired home.  

Pivot doors are upscale architectural trends that give pleasing effects to the entrance way. Its hinges are located at its top header and flooring apart from the usual which are on the sides. Designs that utilizes this mechanism is intended to create that first impression by making the main door a noticeable masterpiece. The key to achieve this is by using a high quality floor hinge. Amuma uses Dorma BTS Floor Spring Hinge that can carry a door weight up to 300kg.

Alden Richards

Attached to Amuma’s masterpiece door is the first smart feature in the house – the Yale Smart Lock. This door lock has a similar brand to what Alden Richards has in his house although Amuma uses the top variant Yale YDM7116 Mortise Type Smart Lock. The YDM7116 Smart Lock enabled the main door to be opened in 5 ways – through a mechanical key, a tap card, a pin code, biometrics and lastly, through the smartphone. This lock is controlled by the Central Hub together with other smart devices inside the house.

Maja Salvador

As you enter Amuma, you will be greeted with a high ceiling foyer that features a dazzling chandelier . This foyer concept is similar to Maja Salvador’s Casa Andres but the minimalist version of it. Foyers are welcome areas and are the perfect spot for the best and biggest chandelier. Amuma’s chandelier is a 6-ring, 3-meter pendant lamp by BigLite.

Alice Dixson

Amuma Mactan is intentionally made to have large glass features in doors, windows & balcony railings. This green feature allows sunlight and sea breeze to naturally illuminate and cool the home which is reminiscent of Alice Dixson’s Boracay beach house. The combination of passive lighting and cooling is intended for energy-savings in lighting and air conditioning. Amuma uses uPVC frames on glass doors, 6” louver windows and tempered glass railings.

Piolo Pascual

Contrasting the white walls of Amuma Mactan is its head-turning interior feature – the Monostringer Floating Stairs. The stairs is an expression of contemporary minimalist design and is very similar to Piolo Pascual’s mansion in Batangas. Amuma uses a combination of wide flange stringer and mahogany wood slabs to achieve the design.

Ogie Alcasid

And to complete the stunning and celebrity feel vibe that Amuma Mactan offers is the heart of this home –  the swimming pool. Pools are integrated to many celebrity homes like this outdoor pool of Ogie Alcasid however what sets Amuma’s plunge area apart is where it is located and the technology behind it.

It is called the Courtyard Bio Pool. Located at the courtyard of the house and connecting 4 main house spaces – the foyer, living area, dining area and pool deck, this pool offers an extraordinary indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Moreover, it is a smart pool powered by Bionizer Technology which eliminates the regular use of chlorine for sanitation. The Bionizer is an equipment that regularly reads the pH level of the pool water and injects copper ions into the system to achieve the desired settings.  

Which among these celebrity-feel features is your favorite? Actually there’s a lot more! Visit Amuma Mactan virtually with our Virtual Reality House Tour at www.exaconland.com/virtual-tours or own this smart luxury home in Mactan by reaching us at [email protected] or through phone at 09227721552.

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