LOOK: Cebuana artist-teacher’s art recognized internationally

They say art is a reflection of an artist’s feelings.

With a passion for art, Bethram Dacuma, an artist-teacher from Toledo City, Cebu shared on her social media account her interpretation of trauma, struggle, and pain through her art in oil painting. 

Photo from Bethram Dacuma’s Instagram Account

Dacuma shared in her social media account her art named “Honey Series” which she posted last July.  

According to Dacuma in an Inquirer article that her painting portrays the “struggle of people suffering from mental health problems and as a result of their sorrowful face with pouring honey, their mind eats them apart.” 

The inspiration behind her art is her traumatic experience when she had a motorcycle accident last year. The tragic event made her work on her art, however instead of painting blood, she decided to paint something different. 

She said that she used honey as a reminder for people that love isn’t always easy. That the flow of life is unpredictable. 

She also inspires people, especially those suffering from mental health to not give up. 

Dacuma’s art was recognized internationally in other countries such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the US. 

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