LIST: Best Places in Cebu to watch the sunrise

Sunrises signify the start of the beginning of the day and a new hope of being blessed with another day to live your life.

Despite them happening 365 days a year, they never fail to bring warmth and care to every person watching the sun emerge from its slumber. When the light of the sun starts to break the sky, everyone is filled with motivation to start the day and fulfill their purpose in life.

Sunrise can be easily seen with a quick search in YouTube or Google but the emotions that the sunrise brings while watching it in person is second to none. It just overwhelms you with a plethora of feelings that you can’t explain except the feeling of gratitude that you get to live another day.

With multiple beaches and towering mountains and peaks that are scattered on every nook and cranny of Cebu, there are a select few that provide a seat to watch the breathtaking and heartwarming rising of the sun.

Set your morning alarms and explore these top 5 places to watch sunrise in Cebu.

1. Busay

Photo by giban giban
Photo by Oñedra Gel

Busay does not only possess a stunning panoramic view of the city and the mountains surrounding it but if you stay in the mountain tops then you’ll be able to witness the sun rising from the horizon over the city. Watch how the city slowly wakes up as the sun slowly reaches its peak and it shines its bright light over the beautiful Cebu.

With the mountain destination being a haven of relaxation, there are many establishments from which sunrise-chasers would be able to watch. They could book a room in Mountain View Resort and wait for the morning sun or if they have their own vehicles, travel really early to Tops and wait for the fog to clear to reveal the view and the sun. Overnight camping is also a choice if they decide to go trekking the night before to Chalet Hills.

2. The Holiday Islands of Sumilon, Malapascua, and Bantayan

Photo from Kota Beach Facebook Page

It’s already common knowledge that Cebu also boasts of majestic and pristine islets that boast of stunning underwater views and relaxing tropical experiences. Holiday Islands such as Sumilon, Malapascua, and Bantayan are prime examples of a premium tropical experience that possesses luxurious accommodations with top-tier service for those who can afford it. What better way to experience the warmth and beauty of a sunrise by basking yourself in the fine, white sands of their beaches and their lavish resorts.

3. Panoramic Views in Eli Rock View Deck and Osmeña Peak

Photo by Kurt Janssen Sapilan
Neriza Paz Caballero

Cebu is blessed with majestic peaks that are surrounded by the pristine and unadulterated nature and breathtaking views of verdant mountains. With the number of mountains and high peaks in Cebu, the island is basically a treasure trove of sunrise and sunset watching destinations.

Eli Rock View Deck and Osmeña Peak are good examples of beautiful places to wait for sunrise. Aside from the stunning views and soothing breeze that they possess, they have unobstructed views from which sunrise-catchers will be able to have a full view of the morning event. This just gives tourists and travelers more reasons to visit and discover the multiple peaks present in the island.

4. Cebu-Mactan Bridges and SRP

Photo by Sander
Photo by Denxybel Montinola

Early mornings are the best time to jog and many locals and residents love to jog in the new Mactan Bridge and by the roadside of SRP. One thing that both have in common are its unobstructed and lovely views of the ocean.

The Mactan Channel, also known as the Opon Channel, is the strait that divides the main island of Cebu from the smaller Mactan Island. There are two bridges that cross the channel which are the Mactan-Mandaue Bridge and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge which both connect Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu, and Mactan Island. Many vehicles pass across the bridge to travel to and from Cebu City.

Aside from commuters and drivers, the Marcelo Fernan Bridge is also a common morning jogging spot that many locals include in their jogging routes. It is a great spot to watch sunrise with the Mactan Channel connecting into the outer sea surrounding Cebu. It’s elevation also gives it a great view of the mountains and the city making it a beautiful spot to watch a sunrise. Joggers will have livelier mornings as they jog across the bridge with a clear view of the sun rising over the city and mountains.

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