Cebu Eats: Why Cebuanos love the Special Caycay delicacy

There is no doubt that Cebuanos are known for their appetite and passion for flavor. This love for food manifests in the local favorites like: the sweet and savory humba, the tasty and flexible bam-i, and most especially, the smoky and scrumptious lechon de cebu.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to cuisine than just lunch and rice meals. Cebuanos’ passion also extends to dozens of delicacies and snacks! Surely, you’ve met bingka and you’ve heard of torta, but our focus here is a special treat that can be enjoyed anywhere. Tableside, from your bag or your pocket, a light dessert after a hearty meal, this is a delectable delight of a snack that you can have any time.

Enter one of Cebu’s most fun snacks: caycay!

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Photo by Gretchen Duba

Caycay is a sweet and crunchy snack in the form of a round biscuit. Characteristically known for the crunch it makes while eating, it’s a layered cookie coated in caramelized coconut cream syrup (latik) and rolled in ground toasted peanuts.

When you take a bite of caycay, the initial texture is coarse and dry, but the cookie easily gives after you start chewing. It may be a little dehydrating, but man, is it satisfying to eat!

The cookie itself is usually mildly sweet, with a flavor that is sugary yet not overwhelming. This balance, along with the distinct taste of peanut, makes it a great snack to get rid of the taste of fat and grease (or as we call it, bidli) after a hearty meal.

These crunchy treats are delightfully enjoyable with coffee, tea, juice, or any cold drink you’d like! The dryness adds depth to this delicacy while your drink will keep your mouth from getting too parched.

The ingredients of caycay are simple and fairly common. With an oven and some flour, a bit of milk and butter, water, sugar, and salt, you can make your very own at home! It’s totally the combination and the execution of cooking that makes it so enjoyable.

Photo by Kimberly Cordero Sorrosa

Go out there and try this light, fluffy, and tasty treat! Caycay can now be bought in packages from supermarkets, pasalubong stores, and online.

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