Cebu South Harbor & Container Terminal Complex in Talisay

Metro Cebu is continually growing economically. Thanks to this, we can look forward to more and more developments and improvements in the ever-progressing island.

One enormous project – one literally expanding the island, is the ₱10 billion project: Cebu South Harbor and Container Terminal Complex (CSHCTC).

Massive development

The CSHCTC is a 25-hectare Private Port Development Project led by Lucio Co of Puregold and Johhny Ng of Kudos Trucking Corp from Davao. The project went groundbreaking last November 2018, and its construction commenced in 2019.

This project is a massive reclamation in Barangay San Roque, Talisay. The reclaimed area extends off the southeastern edge of Inayawan to “meet” big ships in deeper waters. The earth material used as reclaimed land is “anapog” or weathered limestone that was locally sourced from Talisay, Naga, and Minglanilla.

The international port aims to provide an alternative gateway for port users and shipping operators in Cebu, decongesting the Cebu International Port. This will allow for more traffic and business to come in. Additionally, the construction and coming operation of the port is going to provide hundreds of jobs to Cebuanos, especially Talisaynons.

Economic impact

While Cebu is already renowned for its natural wonders and its travel destinations, the port is also expected to increase our international presence.

Consultant of Cebu South Harbor and Container Terminal Services Corp. (CSHCTSC), Cecile Bitare, said in an interview with SunStar that the project “will augment the flow of imports and exports. That will stimulate the growth of industries and sustain the economy of Cebu, with the expected increase in commerce. It will put Cebu in the arena of international ports.”

“This port will cut the waiting time of ships, as it will supplement today’s berths at the CIP. Ship agents or shipping lines will realize reduction of vessel call costs if they are served immediately”, she added.

The CSHCTC will not be merely a supplement to the existing CIP, it is set to be an independently operating port. Bitare said they are also closely working with the Bureau of Customs for the port to have its own Customs district where all import processing, payment of duties, taxes, and clearances for pullout will be done.

Port features

CSHCTC will have a total of 6 Docking Berths to accommodate bulk carriers and container ships, complete with ro-ro ramps. The port will also boast 4 Ship-to-Shore (STS) Gantry cranes to facilitate container loading and unloading.

Inland, a wide and open container yard will be available with plenty of space to move in. 2 large warehouses will also be built for bulk materials and other cargo.

As of July, the materials for construction have been laid down and progress can be expected to go smoothly. The CSHCTC is expected to be completed within the 2nd Quarter of 2022.

Exact Location on Google maps: Cebu South Harbor Container Terminal Corporation, Talisay, Cebu

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