Cebu logs 539 new cases on February 18

On Thursday night, the Department of Health Central Visayas (DOH-7) released its official, consolidated data of the COVID-19 cases in the region as of February 18, 2021.

Today, the whole island of Cebu — Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City, and the Cebu Province — recorded 539 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 198 new recoveries, and 5 new deaths. This brings Cebu’s total confirmed cases to 32,071, while the active cases surged to 5,124 (from 4,786).

Cebu’s recovery rate is now at 79.48%.

Breakdown of cases:

Cebu City
– Total confirmed: 15,590 (+282 new)
– Total recoveries: 12,007 (+86 new)
– Total deaths: 719 (+1 new)
– Active cases: 2,864

Lapu-Lapu City
– Total confirmed: 3,572 (+54 new)
– Total recoveries: 2,977 (+41 new)
– Total deaths: 116 (+0 new)
– Active cases: 479

Mandaue City
– Total confirmed: 3,678 (+60 new)
– Total recoveries: 2,839 (+22 new)
– Total deaths: 180 (+2 new)
– Active cases: 659

Cebu Province
– Total confirmed: 9,231 (+143 new)
– Total recoveries: 7,666 (+49 new)
– Total deaths: 443 (+2 new)
– Active cases: 1,122

Summary of COVID-19 cases in Cebu:

  • Total Active Cases in Cebu: 5,124
  • Total Confirmed Cases in Cebu: 32,071 (+539 new)
  • Total Recoveries in Cebu: 25,489 (+198 new)
  • Total Deaths in Cebu: 1,458 (+5 new*)

A total of 3,771 laboratory results were released for today.

NOTES from DOH-7:

  • *As per DOH-7, the additional deaths in the report are not due to the overnight spike in deaths but due to more accurate data collection and validating efforts. Not all of those deaths occurred today but occurred more than a week ago.
  • Reports maybe subject to change as these claims undergo thorough validation by the local healthcare offices and health personnel.

DOH-7 Full Report (Central Visayas):

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  1. Simple math tells us that, based upon the virus test results of a 6.5% positivity infection rate:

    Visayas (Region 7) , with a population of approx 7.5 million has approx half a million infected, and

    Cebu City, alone, with a population of approx one million, has approx 150k virus infected positives living + working among us.


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