Cebu now under ‘more relaxed’ Level 2; cinemas may re-open

Nothing beats watching movies in the big screen. The atmosphere, the surround sound and just the overall feels just hit different.

And with the announcement made by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque that the entire island of Cebu will be placed under Alert Level 2 starting October 20 until October 31, 2021, we may have a chance to finally enjoy the cinemas for the first time since the lockdown and quarantines have begun.

This announcement is just in time to give us hope on watching the most anticipated marvel movie, the eternals as well as to give us plenty of time to get our vaccine shots.

Yes, the opportunity to soon enjoy cinemas, museums and galleries is for the fully vaccinated individuals only so we’ll all be safe while enjoying the movie.

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Alert level 2

Alert level 2 in definition by the “Guidelines on the Implementation of Alert Levels System for Covid-19 Response in Pilot Areas”, refers to areas wherein case transmission is low and decreasing, healthcare utilization is low or case counts are low but increasing, or case counts are low and decreasing but total bed utilization rate and intensive care unit utilization rate is increasing.

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Some Establishments/ Activities allowed for areas under alert level 2

  • Venues for meeting, incentives, conferences and exhibitions
  • Social events such as parties, wedding receptions, debut, birthday and reunions
  • Tourist attractions such as museums, galleries, exhibits, parks, public gardens and scenic viewpoints or overlooks
  • Amusement parks/theme parks
  • Recreational venues such as internet cafes, arcades, bowling alleys, skating rinks and swimming pools
  • Cinema and movie houses
  • Limited face-to-face classes for basic and higher education
  • Licensure or entrance/qualifying exams
  • Dine-in services such as kiosks, restaurants and eateries
  • Personal care establishments like barbershops, hair salons, spas, reflexology among others
  • Fitness studios, gyms and individual non-contact exercise and sports
  • Film, music and television production
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These alert levels system though are new community quarantine classifications that aims to manage and minimize the risk of the disease through system indicators, triggers and thresholds determined by the IATF.

We are starting to loosen the restrictions in our country so this is hoping that everyone will do their part by being vaccinated as well.

Note: In IATF’s Alert Level system, Alert Level 2 permits maximum of 50% indoor venue capacity for fully vaccinated individuals only. Those below 18 years of age, even if unvaccinated, may enjoy 70% outdoor venue capacity.

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