Cebu City targets 70% herd immunity

There’s this thing called: “Herd immunity”, for an instance, when a mass number of people have a formula, design to make you immune to a particular disease, it is likely to reduce the chances of spreading the virus – since almost all of them have the formula of immunity to protect themselves from it.

Since then, the Philippines has accumulated a number of vaccines available for everyone – our local governments even encouraged us to take it so that the city will reach the 70% herd immunity; now I can understand how one chooses not to take the vaccination, and even if you don’t, I sure hope you’re doing your part in keeping yourself and everyone around you, safe – then again you are not wrong to say no.

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In Cebu Hall, Mike Rama had announced that a ₱20,000 worth of Christmas bonus will be given to vaccinated City Hall employees, and that they advocate unvaccinated employees to take their vaccination shots.

Some would find that unacceptable or as a form of discrimination towards the unvaccinated individuals, the incentives given to the vaccinated also comes from the unvaccinated, so you can see where the division is coming from.

I really hope that we, as persevering and perceptive Sugboanons, can come to find a way to reach the 70% herd immunity – not from cash incentives, or taking from other people’s hard-earned efforts that will only benefit one from the other; maybe we ought to figure something else out.

Do you think this was a good idea? Or if not, what do you think will help reach our 70% herd immunity? I’m sure me and among many other concerned folks like you are looking for a better way.

Photo from by Mat Napo

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  1. This is a long read, but after you complete it you will see how it is impossible to eradicate this virus, and how herd immunity will never be achievable. Herd Immmunity is a lie to convince you and guilt under the guide of doing your part, into taking an experimental shot with no long term data for side effects:

  2. Sorry to say but the Herd Immunity is a pipe dream. It is a set of goal posts which have been touted in many Western countries a year ago when vaccination rates there were very low as they are in the Phils right now, and as soon as the threshold to so called “herd immunity was reached, it was immediately removed from the public discourse and never spoken of again. Instead the mantra became overnight, to achieve a 100% vaccination, with continuing divisive tactics of removing rights and freedoms from those who are unvaxxed. Their division will never end. After they get you on 2 shots, the next thing will be 3 shots and then 4. And then if you don’t have your 4th shot you will give up your privileges. Look around the world, it is happening now in other countries. They will continue to move the goal posts to coerce everyone, and there is no end to it if you let them do it to you.


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