Cambais Falls: The ultimate waterfall playground in Alegria

Waterfall chasing is an enjoyable activity that is both fun and exciting. Many towns in the southern parts of Cebu hide within forests and groves of trees but are just within short distances of one another.

Cambais Falls is one of those hidden wonders in the south. Situated in the mountains of southern Cebu, Cambais waterfalls captivates all those who visit it and enchants them with its charming beauty. It is a multi-leveled waterfall with turquoise waters that attract active trekkers and curious explorers who love a good adventure. The waterfalls possess a unique and exquisite beauty that makes it hard to compare to other waterfalls in the south. Beyond the forests and the trekking trails is a beautiful waterfall paradise secluded from the world and the bustling city.

Photo by Marc Jonell Garcia
Photo by Mandy Smith
Photo by Reynaldo Aleria

Inside this waterfall paradise hidden within the hills of Alegria are the various levels with attractions of their own. Those who have visited the waterfalls consider it as nature’s playground with the fun activities that could be done in Cambais Falls. The waterfalls are spread on 3 different levels all offering something different to keep things exciting. Visitors can scale the waterfalls, swim in the hidden caves, or jump on the cliffs into the refreshing pools.

3 levels of Cambais falls

There are three accessible levels in Cambais Falls. The first level has a perfectly turquoise water surrounded by ferns, giant rocks, and trees. The waterfalls at this level cascades gently over a limestone cliff wall from a height of about 25 feet. This creates a beautiful scene when watched from the lower level. Just a few meters to the right is a lower but much more powerful stream of water. Underneath the falls are some shallow rocks which give a lovely perspective of the waterfall paradise.

Photo by Linda Mahawan

The second level is easily accessible from the first level through ropes that are fixed at the right side of the waterfalls and a bamboo staircase that leads there. There are foot holes carved onto the wall so climbing the ropes wouldn’t require as much raw strength. There are more plants and vegetation growing at the second level so light doesn’t reach this level as much as the first level. It’s a perfect spot to freshen up especially on very hot days.

Photo by Ebenezer Hui

The last level is another lovely spot with quite the number of activities. At the left side is a big, strong waterfall that can be climbed. On the right-hand side, there is a 20-foot cliff to jump from into the pools below. A natural slide can also be found at the right side where the cliff is and drops off into the middle.

Photo by Reynaldo Aleria

It’s definitely worth it to visit the waterfall playground of Cambais Falls when in Alegria!


Entrance Fee: P50 per person


Exact location: Alegria, Southern Cebu — approx. 3-4 hours away from Cebu City.

BY CAR/MOTORCYCLE: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Cambais Falls” in Alegria. You may park your vehicle next to a small bridge with overhanging trees at the drop-off point. After parking, there is a weathered sign that points to the trail going to the waterfalls. The entrance to the falls is just a 15-minute trek from where you parked.

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