5 Most Delicious Buwad (Dried Fish) found in Cebu

With a rich marine life, Cebu has an array of assorted buwad and seafood that everyone just loves and envies.

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We are a lucky bunch as our seas are abundant and it shows with our collection of buwads available in our dry markets.

Now to those who are not yet familiar with the most delicious ones you can find; we’ve made a list just for you.


Describes as mouth-watering and irresistible. This boneless dried fish is the start of all stars as it is abundant and eaten as snacks, breakfast or any dine time you want. 

The danggit fish is split open, cleaned, salted, and dried under the sun. 

Best eaten when freshly fried, paired with hot rice and dipped into spicy vinegar. Crispy and tasty with every bite.

Fish Tapa & Fish Bones

The fish tapa is a specialty in itself as this buwad taste salty and sweet at the same time. 

It is made from the meat of the fish Subagyo or also called filefish. They are fillet and then shaped into rounds to make a tasty treat. 

This process leaves no waste as their bones are not thrown but are made into these crispy dried fish bones and are sold separately. 

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Pinakas from the word itself meaning “cut into two”. These are fishes sliced in half so that it resembles kind of a butterfly the same way danggit is. The only difference is the bones of the fish stay on the other side. 

The fishes used in pinakas have more meat to it like guma-a, lison, bangus, and almost all kinds of fish.

It is a famous buwad especially for dinner with it having just the right amount of salt in its meat to keep the rice coming.

Photo from Jade Longakit Ybañez

Dried Pusit/Squid

This one is famous as almost everyone has this as a favorite. As everyone should, with its chewy meat and distinct squid flavor, every part of the dried squid is edible.

Now, it is also very pricey among the buwads but so worth it. You can keep it in your fridge and just take it out whenever you crave it.

Photo from Jade Longakit Ybañez

Bulinaw /Lopuy

It has many names including dilis in Luzon and if you really want to in English it’s known as “anchovy”. 

They are green fishes with blue reflections and small in size with it being 2-40 cm in length. This one is cooked either as a torta or sweet and spicy ginisa which trust me is the best way to cook it. 

They are fishes that are very small in size like baby fishes. They are affordable and easy to find. 



Exact Location: B. Aranas St. corner Lakandula St. Brgy. Taboan, Cebu City

How to Get There? 

BY JEEPNEY: From Colon, take an Alumnos-bound jeepney (08F and 08G) and ask the driver to drop you off Taboan Market. From the jeepney’s drop-off point, take a trysikad (bicycle) to Taboan Proper.

BY CAR: You can also navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Taboan Market”. Limited parking space is available.

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