Soak into the healing waters of Bolocboloc Spring in Barili

Who doesn’t love a nice, soothing dip into a hot spring secluded from the rest of the world? Bolocboloc Spring is the place to be if you want to take a relaxing swim away from the crowds at any season.

Barili, Cebu is well-known as a place to go down south. Locals and tourists alike come down to enjoy the falls and springs, especially Mantayupan Falls.

The Bolocboloc Spring (known sometimes as Bolocboloc hot spring or Bolocboloc spring pool) is located just two kilometers away from the famous Mantayupan Falls, in quaint Barangay Bolocboloc.

Photo by Mai Chimi
Photo from Barutong Papel Facebook Page
Photo by Stan Cabigas
Photo by Ranilyn Son Pepito

The spring is filled with sulfuric water known to have a healing effect. While you can take its healing properties with a grain of salt, there’s no doubt you’ll have a relaxing time washing your worries away in the pools of Bolocboloc spring. There are two pools that can accommodate guests. Both of these contain water that is piped from the spring itself, making the water not too hot and just the right temperature for leisurely swimming.

The spring also has amenities to make you more comfortable during your visit. Right beside the pool, you can occupy picnic tables under umbrellas or family-size cottages. The cottages are made with native materials, which really adds to the overall natural feel.

Photo by Albert Jay Lambo
Photo from Barutong Papel Facebook Page
Photo from Barutong Papel Facebook Page
Photo from Barutong Papel Facebook Page

All around the space, you’ll find yourself under cool shade and within reinvigorating fresh air. Soak in the therapeutic gifts of nature while you take a dip in the waters that will make you melt.



  • Entrance fee: ₱20 per person
  • Open hours: N/A


  • N/A



Exact location on Google maps: Barangay Bolocbloc, Barili, Southern Cebu – 1 hour and 40 minutes from Cebu City

BY BUS/COMMUTE: From Cebu South Bus Terminal, get on a bus to Barili and get off at Barangay Bolocboloc. From there, hire a motorcycle to take you to the spring.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Bolocboloc Spring (Swimming Pool)” in Barili, Cebu. Parking space is available.

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