Public White Sandy Beach at Baha-Baha Beach in Ronda

Who’s up for a south-bound ride? Yes, you do. You might badly need it, especially when you’re in dire need of vitamin sea. Just along Ronda road, approximately two hours ride heading south of Cebu, there’s an enchanted beach open for the public. Yes, it is free of entrance fee! Pack your beach-y OOTD, tents, and some bag of food, and head out to soak under the sun at the Baha-Baha Beach or better known as Kasadya beach!

Photo by Gerard Anthony Ag

Swimming in Blue Water

Even being a public beach, the beauty of the beach is not compromised in terms of clear waters. Away from a concentrated population, the beach boasts its clear blue waters. A photoshoot featuring the water as background invites curious, sea-lover minds to see the beach for themselves. You can see the bottom of the sea because that’s just how clear it is. Take a dip, bring your snorkel, and play with the cold water at this paradise!

Photo by Shir Rubs
Photo by Melanie Rio
Photo by Edzel Ogue

Grilling by the Shore

Nothing beats a great beach outing than mouth-watering grilled seafood. You can stop by a local wet market to choose freshly caught fishes and bring them to Baha-Baha Beach. Some coals and grilling net will make its magic to complete the perfect dish for lunch. A smoky delicious aroma hanging in the air just makes the experience way better. Just a friendly reminder, make sure to clean as you go. Dispose of your garbage properly before leaving

Photo from Kian Mahinay Vlogs Facebook Page

Playing all Kinds of Games

The long stretch of white sands will become your playground. Bring some volleyball or ropes for Tug of War if you like. Rekindle childhood memories as you play along the shore with Frisbees and Tag. Let your children enjoy the beautiful sand. Just make sure the little ones are well-looked out. It may seem fun to have fun wiggling the feet in wet sand or playing by the seashore but when a sprain happens or your child will be outbalanced by the waves, things can go down pretty fast.

Photo by Keith Angelo Bacus
Photo by Aljin Romo
Photo by Shir Rubs
Photo by Shir Rubs
Photo by Ralph Ray Maribao
Photo by Sharmaine Campogan Pernia

Chilling in a Floating Cottage

If Bohol is famous for its floating restaurant, Baha-Baha Beach also has its low-key floating cottage that you can rent for as low as 70 pesos per head. Bring your food to the cottage and enjoy seawater at 360 degrees! However, there is no life vest for rent in the area so if you have one, please bring them for safety purposes. If you’re afraid of deep waters, you can stay under the shadows of the coconut trees lining down the shore—all for free. There are no cottages on the shore at the moment so you better bring your own tents, umbrellas, and mats for convenience purposes.

Photo from Kian Mahinay Vlogs Facebook Page
Photo by Maie Art
Photo from Kian Mahinay Vlogs Facebook Page
Photo by Edzel Ogue

Money can’t buy happiness—or so they say. Yet in Baha-Baha Beach, you don’t need a wallet full of cash to enjoy the pristine waters. This beach is for public use—no entrance fee, no cottage to pay—, welcoming visitors from neighboring municipalities. Appreciating nature’s blessing by taking care of it will open more doors for tourism within the local area. So when you drop by, make sure to leave nothing but footsteps and great memories.



  • Entrance fee:  None (Public Beach)
  • Opening hours: Always open


  • Cottage: Php70 per person (Floating Cottage)

NOTE: There are no cottages in the area but you can bring your own tables, chairs, or tents.



Exact location: Santa Cruz, Kasadya Road, Ronda, Southern Cebu — approx. 2 hours away from the city

BY BUS/VAN/JEEP (COMMUTERS):  Find your way to the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Ride a bus that will pass by Ronda. You may ask the drivers which buses will pass by Ronda. Kasadya Beach is just by the side of the road. Just ask the driver to drop you off at Kasadya Beach.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Kasadya Road” in Ronda, Cebu. Just ask the locals for specific directions. Parking space is available upon arrival.

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