Anti-Vaxxers in the U.S. face charges after selling fake Vaccination Cards

If you have come across the infamous Instagram user handle @AntiVaxMomma, I could only hope you have not followed her.

While this handle is mainly about an anti-vaccination conspiracy theorist, wait until you read about how she is making good money because of it. 

Jasmine Clifford, a 31-year-old woman from New Jersey has been milking money from people by selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards on Instagram. She was charged in Manhattan court on Tuesday for allegedly selling these documents to unvaccinated individuals.

Photo from website
Photo from website
Photo from website
Photo from website
Photo from website

Some cities in the United States will be requiring everyone to be vaccinated to be granted entry to restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses. This, is while most employers would also be requiring their employees to be vaccinated as well. Hence, people resort to just buying fake vaccination cards.

There were fifteen people who were involved in the scheme who were charged, including those who purchased the fake vaccination cards themselves.

Fake vaccination cards were sold at $200 on her Instagram page. Around 250 cards were sold through the platform and were paid using CashApp or Zelle.

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