Alegria Water Front Beach House: The Hidden Escape with a View

There’s a high-end resort in Alegria that promises its guests nothing but top-notch service, mesmerizing views, and exclusivity. Alegria Water Front Beach House should be on top of your list when planning for a sojourn down south of Cebu.

Alegria Water Front Beach House boasts of providing their guests with mesmerizing sunset view along the Tañon Strait.

Their infinity pool is the best spot to witness the sunset especially as the beach house slowly turns on its lights to usher in the evening darkness. The view at the pool side at nighttime is made spectacular with the effect of the lights on the pool and surrounding structures.

The management puts an emphasis on exclusivity. They only have 9 rooms, 2 of which are sea view rooms and the rest are pool view rooms. Moreover, they only accept guests who made online reservations through Airbnb, so you are assured that the place will not be teeming with guests and you get to enjoy some privacy.

Other features which you can enjoy in the resort include:

  • A lobby shop
  • Restaurant
  • Water refilling station
  • Pebbled beach front
  • Common dining area
  • Common kitchen
  • Free wi-fi
  • Parking lot
  • Spa (under construction)

Another good point for Alegria Water Front Beach House is it is accessible to a lot of nearby tourist sites. It’s just 5 minutes away from Kawasan falls! It’s also approximately 20 minutes away from Mt. Lanaya and Montpellier falls. Other nearby attractions include the Cambais falls and Pescador Island. So if you are an adventure junkie who wants to be at the center of action, this is the place to be.


Entrance fee: This is a private beach house, it’s only exclusive to those with room reservations. Booking is through Airbnb.

Room rates:

  • Superior rooms (Sea view): P3,400 per night
  • Deluxe rooms (Pool view): P3,100 per night
  • All rooms are strictly for 2 persons only.

Other information:

Booking via Airbnb is recommended.


Exact location: Alegria, southern Cebu — approx. 2 hours away from Cebu City.

By bus: Once the exact location of the beach house has been disclosed to you by their management, ride a bus bound for Alegria with the sign “Bato via Barili” in Cebu’s South Bus Terminal. Instruct the driver to drop you off at the town proper of Alegria. Travel time is 3.5-4 hours.

By private car: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Alegria Water Front Beach House”.

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