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Ablayan Peak in Boljoon: A Satisfying View for the Wanderlusts

The excitement of reaching the destination does give people the needed push but the thrill of not knowing what to expect on the way is what brings wanderlusts out of their homes to discover the world.

The same curiosity and desire to discover is what brings many tourists and travelers to the pristine island of Cebu. The untouched mountain ranges and verdant forests scattered all throughout the island make outsiders wonder of the hidden beauty that they hold.

Photo by Gret Chen via Lay Lay

Such is the case for Ablayan Peak of Boljoon. The residents of the municipality all rave about how scenic, lush, and breezy the peak is and how stunning the views that it possesses from that vantage. Of course, with such a striking beauty like that, it’s definitely not an easy place to reach. It requires travelers to take long drives from the city just to be able to witness the spectacle it holds.

With Boljoon being a distant town in the south that’s far from the city, the journey is more refreshing than it is taxing due to the wonderful sights on the way to the municipality. The roads in Boljoon have wonderful views of the sea and towering pine trees that line the road to the summit.

Upon arrival to the jump off point, travelers will already be greeted by the soothing winds of the mountains and a panoramic view of every natural formation present in Boljoon. At its peak, Ablayan may be considered more of a natural park than a trekking ground because of the low rolling terrains and gentle slopes.

There are even rustic benches overlooking the other verdant mountains – perhaps the most relaxing place to rest with such a pleasing view. The peak has a massive open space where travelers can just take in their surroundings and breathe in the unpolluted air. The summit of Ablayan truly is a wonder to behold with its breathtaking panoramic views of nature.



  • Bus fare: Cebu – Boljoon (back&forth) – ₱292
  • Motorbike fare (Boljoon to Ablayan Peak): ₱150 per person


  • Ablayan Peak is very windy and at the same time very hot, especially between 11 AM to 3 PM. Make sure to bring adequate water so you won’t be dehydrated.
  • Bring some food if you decide to stay longer since you can’t find a Sari-Sari store nearby.
  • You can put on some sunblock as well if you don’t want to get sunburnt.
  • If you decide to stay overnight, make sure to bring all the necessary things you need for an overnight stay.


Exact location: Brgy. Upper Bacerril, Ablayan Peak, Boljoon, Southern Cebu — approx. 3 hours away from Cebu City.

BY BUS: Take a Bus bound for Boljoon from the South Bus Terminal. Ask the Bus conductor to drop you off at the Boljoon public market. From there, you’ll be seeing a bunch of motorcycle drivers just in front of the market. Hire a motorcycle going to the jump-off area of the Ablayan Peak for only PHP 150.00 for every motorcycle and good for 2 people.

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