This company gave 20k Cash Assistance for Odette affected employees in Cebu

A blessed Christmas indeed as Optum Global Solutions gave P20k cash assistance to each of their employees who were affected by the devastation brought by the super typhoon Odette, as shared by netizen Jaya Asino.

The damage brought the struggle to every family in Cebu and other parts of Visayas and Mindanao. It was especially more painful as it was days before Christmas that it happened.

A shortage of water and lack of electricity are just some of the sad situations it brought not to mention damage to the properties and homes.

The people needed help and surely help was given to Optum employees.

Some employees took to Facebook to praise Optum for giving them generous P20k cash assistance and mind you it’s not a loan or anything. Just purely given as help.

Along with it are:

  • Christmas basket
  • Free stay in the company with very accommodating staffs
  • Free meals, water, shower and all
  • Landers grocery package

Now, this is what you call help. There’s nothing for us to say but “Sana All”. Hoping that other employers will also follow their lead in giving assistance and help to their employees.

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