2021 Guide: Canyoneering in Badian & Alegria

Ever since, Kawasan Falls is part of every Cebuano traveller’s bucket list. The clear pristine waters and the relaxing atmosphere is indeed one for the books.

Kawasan Falls is not just popular to Cebuanos but also to globetrotters and thrill seekers who wish to experience the beauty of the scenery while indulging in one of the most heart-pumping adventures you can imagine – canyoneering. 

Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls became a thing and it’s no doubt that you’d want to take a dive in this new adventure. So continue reading this ultimate guide to your Canyoneering experience. Take your bikinis, and swimsuits. Put on your sunscreen and bring that underwater camera to create those lasting memories.

There’s always a perfect time for adventure, buckle up and don’t be scared because the tour will surely be safe. 

BADIAN? Is that far? 

Badian is a 2-hour drive from the city. As you hit the road, you would want to shuffle play your favourite music and enjoy the company of your friends or family. When you go canyoneering in Kawasan Falls, the tour starts off from Moalboal, you’ll get to see two different municipalities unfold right before your eyes. 

Photo from discover.cebu.gov.ph

Is it worth the hype? 

Among the many photos you’ve shared in your social media platforms, it’s sure that you’ve been dying to visit Kawasan Falls. Well, for many, it would be more than enough to visit the place and plunge into the relaxing cold waters, but nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of having to jump, climb and swim to the great outdoors. 

If you’re an adventure buff or trying to love the outdoors, canyoneering to Kawasan Falls is absolutely worth everything. It’s a must-do. 

Photo from discover.cebu.gov.ph

Rates & Booking Options

Under the new normal in 2021, tourists are required to pre-book a Canyoneering adventure online via the local government’s official travel portal.

The Canyoneering package is currently being offered at P1,500 per head which already includes use of protective gears and suits.

Photo from discover.cebu.gov.ph
Photo from discover.cebu.gov.ph
Photo from discover.cebu.gov.ph

Ready for the Adventure

Don’t bring your whole house. I repeat bring as little as possible! You’ll be swimming, sliding and jumping in waterfalls so you don’t need to bring much.


Waterfall Jumping

A maximum height of thirty (30) feet shall be strictly enforced for waterfall jumping.

Groups & Trained Guides

Groups will be composed of a maximum of five (5) persons to be accompanied by two (2) trained guides.

Only persons traveling together shall be allowed in a group.


Strict physical distancing shall be observed, with a seven-minute interval between each group.

Protective Gears & Suits

Visitors must wear proper gear, such as helmet, life vest, canyoneering shoes, and other protective equipment that may be required AT ALL TIMES during any water activity. A list of the prescribed gear must form part of the brief sent to guests prior to the activity.

Gear and equipment that are rented out should, at the end of each use, be properly sterilized with an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light, with STRICT OBSERVANCE of the instructions on proper handling and use of the device.

Canyoneering Must Haves:

  • Dry bag- if you want to bring your phone, money and other essentials
  • Transparent pouch- for your phone if you don’t have a dry bag and don’t need anything else other than your phone
  • Waterproof action camera- to document your canyoneering
  • Shorts (for the girls) – you don’t want to slide down the waterfalls in bikini bottoms as you might scratch your bum on the rocks
  • Shoes- that you don’t mind getting wet

How to get there?

Exact Location: Badian, Southern Cebu — approx. 4 hours away from Cebu City.

BY BUS: From the South Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Badian and tell the conductor to drop you off at Kawasan Falls.

BY CAR: Just navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Kawasan Falls”.

Don’t forget to make a pre-booking first prior to visiting the attraction. Here are the official booking channels:

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