150 Peakway Mountain Resort: A novel mountain glamping experience in Dalaguete

Mountain views are one of the most relaxing views but glamping even makes the experience better.

150 Peakway Mountain Resort is a lovely glamping site nestled in the distant mountains near Private Mantalongon Road. This mountain resort is a quaint destination surrounded by trees and other flora – a destination surrounded by nothing but nature. 150 Peakway Mountain Resort aims to provide a luxury home in the mountains for those who want to experience the calming energies of the highlands.

Relaxation is guaranteed at the top of 150 Peakway Mountain Resort as the only neighbors of the resort are trees and animals inhabiting the forest. The cool winds blowing from the neighboring mountains contribute greatly to the resort’s calming effect on the mind and body. The pleasant green of the mountains rolling into the distance makes guests feel isolated and separated from the stresses of the city.

Photo by Mika Caram
Photo by Mika Caram
Photo by Mika Caram
Photo by Mika Caram

150 Peakway Mountain Resort has unique accommodations that highlight the raw beauty of the mountain views. The Villa is a spacious accommodation that brings the comfort of a home into the highlands. It provides the same comfort to ensure that guests do not feel too far from home while still allowing them to experience the wonders that the mountain could give them.  

There are also tents and camping domes on decks that overlook the landscapes below. The camping dome is a unique glamping tent that makes guests still connected to nature while also experiencing luxury. The bell tent is a spacious camping tent surrounded by trees and other foliage.

Photo by Mika Caram
Photo by Mika Caram
Photo by Mika Caram
Photo from 150 Peakway Mountain Resort Facebook Page

150 Peakway Mountain Resort combines the peace of mind that mountains bring with the comfort and novelty of glamping.



  • Villa: P8,000, good for 8 persons w/ breakfast
  • Private Room: P4,000, good for 4 persons w/ breakfast
  • Dome: P6,000, good for 4 persons w/ breakfast (Only available by May 2021)
  • Bell Tent: P4,000, good for 4 persons w/ breakfast (Only available by May to June 2021)
  • Additional Persons: P1,000 per extra guest w/ breakfast

NOTE: Prices given are only introductory prices and may change in the future



Exact location: Private Mantalongon Road, Dalaguete City, Cebu

BY PRIVATE VEHICLE: 150 Peakway Mountain Resort is quite difficult to reach so it is recommended travel using private transportation. Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “150 Peakway Mountain Resort”. Parking is available upon arrival.

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