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3 World-Famous Milk Tea brands coming to Cebu this 2020

With so many milk tea shops opening in the Metro, it’s so easy to confuse one with the other. Perhaps, one is better than the other.

There are a lot of pioneer milk tea brands in Cebu, but there are new players too.

Brace yourselves for we have spotted three major milk tea brands known internationally for having the best-tasting milk teas.

Yes, these milk tea brands have carved their names in the industry and it will be a no-brainer if their drinks will be top-sellers.


If you’re someone who is meticulous about the drink presentation, you need not to look further because this premium tea shop from Taiwan is the answer. Because the founder is a designer, he made sure that their drinks would look too pretty to drink, but once you’ve taken a sip, there’s no stopping. Yes, it tastes better than it looks.

Expected date of opening: Q2, 2020


According to our research, Tiger Brown Sugar’s signature drink has no tea in it – only fresh milk, brown sugay syrup and tapioca pearls. However, regardless of the absence of the tea, we can rest you to the assurance that it’s still at par with those that has and (maybe) better.

Moreso, part of this drink’s appeal is the attractive stripes of caramel streaking in the insides of the cup, perfect for the gram. Hence, if you want to take that picture-perfect bubble drink, you know where to head on.

Expected date of opening: Q3, 2020


Claiming to be the reason why brown sugar milk has spreaded around the world, Xing Fu Tang now has more than 40 stores across the Hong Kong, Canada, Philippines, and Taiwan.

Though we can confidently say that Xing Fu Tang is really also worth the credits, they stir-fry their boba in front of everyone just so you’d know that everything is freshly made. But let us tell you this, the brown sugar is only an icing on the cake because the drink is already deliciously decadent already.

Expected date of opening: Q4, 2020

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  1. Tried them all when I went to Taiwan yey! finally, i can savor them here in Cebu! ♥

    I cannot wait! ~ ♥

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