Top 5 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained in Cebu

As those of us from Cebu are already aware, the island is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable spots in the whole of the Philippines. Aside from it being known as the Queen City of the South, people who have never visited may be unaware of all the gems this stunning region has to offer.

For anyone interested in visiting this wonderful province, or those who live here and want to discover more, here are the five top ways to keep entertained in Cebu.

Museum Hopping

There are a number of beautiful historic attractions in Cebu, and one of the most important ones is the Cebu Heritage monument. It is made up of various sculptures which depict the history of Cebu. These include the Basilica del Santo Nino, the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Saint John the Baptist Church.


Waterfront Hotel & Casino

Of all the amazing resorts to stay at in Cebu, the Waterfront Hotel & Casino is one of the best in terms of the sheer range of activities on offer. If you’re interested in gambling, you’ll enjoy the fact that there are casino games on offer at this hotel, including roulette and blackjack, which you can practice at home before you play in person, if you wish, after consulting the place to find your bonus online in order to choose which casino to play at. In addition to that, there is a modern swimming pool along with a range of fancy restaurants run by top chefs.


The waters around Cebu are ideal for diving, with an abundance of exotic marine life for divers to see. The most famous attraction in these parts is the whale shark. These huge fish are known for being friendly and letting people swim alongside them. The Oslob Whale Shark Company guarantees that customers will get the chance to witness the world’s largest fish when they take a tour.

Mountain View Nature Park

A great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Cebu is to visit the Mountain View Nature Park in the mountainside region of Busay. The spot provides stunning panoramic views of Cebu city and the surrounding areas and allows you to see for miles. Along with the viewing decks, there is a swimming pool, a children’s playground, and a botanical garden. This makes it a fun day out for the whole family.

Mountain View Nature's Park Cebu

Taoist Temple

The Cebu Taoist Temple is another stunning piece of architecture considered a must-see location in Cebu City. This multi-tiered attraction with a number of routes leading up to it was built by the city’s Chinese community in 1972. The entrance is designed to be a replica of the Great Wall of China, and there are stunning dragon sculptures decorating the exterior.

Of course, the list of amazing things to see and do in Cebu goes way beyond this list. Some other standout options include visiting the bustling malls or taking a trip to fast food joint Jollibee.

Try recommending these places to a friend who’s never visited Cebu, and they are sure to fall in love with it.

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