LOOK: Virtual Maternity Photoshoot in Cebu City amid home quarantine

It’s not a wonder why soon-to-be moms want to document their journey to motherhood.

Being pregnant is the start of a fruitful journey. It makes every couple giddy and ecstatic to show to the world their adorable baby bumps.

But because of the pandemic, some moms have cancelled their maternity photoshoots. But if you’re as dedicated as Joan Osabel – Caparoso, you will find ways.

Lucky for her, she’s found an amazing team from Sam Orlanes Photography to fulfill her maternity shoot desires. It may be far from the ordinary theme, it is still as creative and amazing.


If you’re planning to have your prenuptial or maternity photoshoot, even just photoshoot in general, never let this pandemic stop you from doing so. Instead, use this to unleash your creative juices for extraordinary ideas. I know you have it in you. You just have to believe.

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Sarah Ladeza
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