3-Layer Tulotulo Falls: The hidden paradise in Carcar City

We all need a breather sometimes. A time to collect ourselves away from the crowd, away from the busy life and into a secluded place.

Well, worry not for we have the perfect secluded place for you to escape to, the refreshing 3-layer falls in Napo, Carcar City.

Photo by Rafael Raboy

Tagged as the Tulotulo Falls, this hidden paradise in Carcar City will satisfy your need for privacy while enjoying nature at its best.

The first layer is perfect for a good swim while you can swing your heart out in the tree vines (baging, bagoon) at the second layer and go camping alone or with your friends at the third layer.

Check out more photos from Cebuano Rafael Raboy:

Other Information

  • Entrance fee: None as of the moment
  • Contact number: (032) 345 6423 (Carcar City Government)
  • Facebook Page: Carcar City LGU

How to get there?

Exact location: Napo, Carcar City, southern Cebu — approximately 2.5 hours away from the city.

BY JEEPNEY: From the South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound to Carcar City. Ask to be dropped off at Savemore Carcar. Bus fare is around ₱50 (one-way). 

From there, look for a tricycle or motorbike that will take you to Garay, Napo. Average fare is ₱35 per head only. Then ask the locals for directions, since the spot is not yet known to many. Just follow the way up until you reach to the end of the river, then you will see the 3-layer falls.

NOTE: Buses are still not operating amid COVID-19 outbreak. You may bookmark this page for your future travel plans. If you’re in the area, you may visit this place as tourism activities have resumed in Cebu Province under MGCQ.

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