Tagaytay Hills: A Gentle Trek in Toledo City

We always love to be on top. There’s just magic when you’re at the peak enjoying a panoramic view of the life below. No wonder why mountain climbers and trekkers always find joy when they reached the summit of the mountains they have conquered.

Therapeutic. Satisfying. Worth the trek. Tagaytay Hills in Toledo City is worth a try.  

Photo by Larlo Ray

Also known as Mt. Tagaytay, Tagaytay Hills is located in Brgy. General Climaco in Toledo City, Cebu. It will not take long for one to reach the summit as the trail is generally gentle and not steep. For experienced mountaineers, this is a walk in the park but for the beginners, you might still have to catch breath while going to the top.

Nature lovers will fall in love with nature even more. On your way to the top, you will be greeted with picturesque scenery and rolling hills. Just wear enough skin protectives though since you will be hiking through an open field and the heat of the sun might be a little unbearable.

You can take breaks along the way so you can take a view of the location and take few pictures as well.

The view from the top is just mesmerizing. The struggle during the ascent will all be worth it. Here, you’ll be able to see the famed Malubog Lake at aerial view. The lake already looks magnificent at a closer view and it displays another level of magnificence when view from an overlooking spot.

The peak of Tagaytay Hills is wide that you can even have a picnic lunch with your friends. If you wish to stay for the night, you can camp too in the area. Just bring your camping materials and enjoy the sea of stars above.


  • Locals often call Tagaytay Hill as “Old Bucao”. If you need directions to get there from the Barangay Hall, just ask the locals, and tell them that you are going to Old Bucao.
  • There’s a private game-farm property in the area and we don’t want to trespass that so always ask permission from the people before you take pictures.
  • Be ready with you sandals or slippers during the trip. You’ll be crossing streams of waters and climbing slippery rocks if you plan to have a side trip to other nearby attractions in the area like the Malubog Falls and the Malubog Lake.
  • Don’t make so much unnecessary noise.
  • Camp fire is not allowed. If you need to cook, bring your own butane stoves.
  • There are stores in the area that offer the food and drinks you’ll need for your trip.
  • Bring your own trash bags and leave the place with no trace.


Entrance fee: None as of the moment


Exact location: Brgy. Gen. Climaco in Toledo City – 50km from Cebu City

BY BUS: Take a bus from the South Bus Terminal (Fare: P60-90) that’s headed to Toledo City and ask the conductor that you want to be dropped off in the Julie’s Bakeshop in Brgy. Magdugo. Then take a habal-habal (P60/pair) going to Brgy. Gen. Climaco. When you get to the barangay, you can ask locals the way to Tagaytay Hills jump-off point.

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