Taboan Public Market: Famous stop for dried fish and local delicacies in Cebu

Be as fresh as the produce when you go shopping at Cebu’s famous market.

Whenever one hears the word “market,” the strong, foul smell from the raw produce is what comes to mind. Covering their noses and walking uncomfortably is like a normal sight when you are in the market.

However, despite the common notion of markets in the country, Cebu has got to stand out because of one famous, and newly renovated ‘market’. A stay at the Queen City of the South is incomplete without a Taboan Market visit.

Taboan Market, considered to be Cebu’s ultimate pasalubong center and local market is one of the busiest and most crowded market in Cebu City.

Dried seafood

Because of its famous danggit (dried fish), dried squid, shredded squid, among others is one of the reasons why Taboan Market is a must-visit for the travellers.

Local pasalubongs

Dried seafood are not the only goods you can buy at Taboan, you can also choose from the wide array of Cebuano delicacies for pasalubongs to your loved ones.

  • Dried mangoes
  • Shamrock Otap
  • Rosquillos

Market goods

Instead of buying from malls, you can visit Taboan because their goods are definitely sold at cheaper prices and if you’re good at haggling, you can score really good prices for your goods.

There are also:

  • fruits & vegetables
  • freshly caught seafoods
  • freshly cut meat

We highly recommend you wear your most comfortable clothes because a shower after your every visit is a must. Nonetheless, you will be surprised with the joy you will feel with your scores.


BY JEEPNEY: From Colon, take an Alumnos-bound jeepney (08F and 08G) and ask the driver to drop you off Taboan Market. From the jeepney’s drop-off pointm take a trysikad (bicycle) to Taboan Proper.

BY CAR/GRAB/TAXI: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Taboan Market”. Limited parking space is available.

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