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Join Sugbo.ph’s Food Challenge amid home quarantine

“Bahala’g pobre basta hilas” 

This statement has resurfaced again during the quarantine period. A famous line in the Visayas and Mindanao, it points to how Filipinos take a sad or bad thing and turn it into something fun. As we always do.

At Sugbo.ph, we are initiating a food challenge that will surely awaken your creativity and turn simple home dishes into the most elegant piece of cuisine.

From appetizer to main course to the dessert, you are free to be as imaginative as you can be.  

Show us a presentation worthy of the gram and that master chef you always watch. You can use sardines, anchovies, fruits, noodles and even dried fish. 

Contributed photos so far:

Sardines with tomato sauce and onions paired with white rice by Portia Gamalier
Fried danggit with mayo mix and fries by Portia Gamalier
Boiled banana topped with fermented baby anchovies with birds eye chili and Philippine lemon by Jason Pangilinan
Sardine Appetizer by Meldrhean M. Nasser
Torta with Chinese Pechay by Arl Amaze
Toasted bread with sardines on top by Meldrhean M. Nasser
Fried Sweet Potato Chips with Cherry on Top by Arl Amaze

Make your quarantine food as fun as it can be. 

Palupig ba ka? Share to us YOUR version and join the #HomeQuarantineSaSugbo Food Challenge! 

How to submit your entries?

  • Take a photo of your innovative food presentation.
  • Submit your photos by messaging Sugbo.ph on Facebook: facebook.com/sugboph/
  • Or, use the hashtag #HomeQuarantineSaSugbo when you post on your profile.

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