Sinulog Festival Queen 2020 sells ‘siakoy’ to earn money amid pandemic

With the crisis that we are experiencing, it is without a doubt a need to find a way to live. From selling garments and baked goodies online to the recent home-baked hugot cakes, we have to pay much respect to these budding entrepreneurs.

One perfect example of a person truly worth of our admiration is Miss Sinulog 2020, Monika Afable.

Photo from Pageanthology-101 Philippines

Monika is from Borongan City, Easter Samar. Amid being a beauty queen, she truly is more than just a pretty face, she is someone who would find ways to survive. A brilliant woman indeed.

Photo from Pageanthology-101 Philippines

Together with her friend Sisa Balan, these beautiful women sell “pilipit” or “siakoy” in their barangay. Not minding what other people would think, they are indeed doing the right thing as they have been gaining praises.

Photo from Pageanthology-101 Philippines

Pilipit or Siakoy is a twisted doughnut. Twisted doughnuts are yeast donuts or sticks of pastry made from braided wheat or glutinous rice flour, deep-fried in oil.

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