Second Dog in Hong Kong tests positive for CoVID-19

The Hong Kong government just recently confirmed the second case of a pet dog being tested positive for coronavirus.

The HK Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFCD) stated that the German shepherd from Pok Fu Lam area is positive after being repeatedly tested for COVID-19.

The dog was sent to quarantine, along with another mixed-breed dog from the same residence, after their owners were tested positive of the virus.

First case was the 17-year-old Pomeranian that was tested as “weak positive”. The dog passed away two days after its quarantine period. Experts speculate that the stress from being quarantined and the anxiety from being separated from its owner caused its passing.

 The American Veterinary Medical Association stated that several international and domestic human and animal health organizations and infectious diseases experts all agree that there is no evidence that pets can cause the virus; spread it to other animal, including people; nor they can get sick from it, so it is irrational to jeopardize the lives of pets.

However, as precautionary measures, people are encouraged to continue basic hygiene practices around their pets, which include washing hands before and after interacting with pets as well as when handling their food and supplies.

“Our pets can be a source of comfort for us, and not another source of concern, during this evolving COVID-19 environment.”

– Dr. Jim Blacka,  veterinarian

In the meantime, the public—especially households with people tested positive for COVID-19 or anyone who has had close contact with others infected with the virus—is strongly advised to have their mammalian pet animals, including cats and dogs be quarantined in their government facilities for close monitoring and repeated testing.

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