Sailor Moon is now available for streaming on YouTube

Sailor Moon is coming to the rescue during the quarantine period.

If you miss seeing your childhood heroine beating the bad guys, she’s back… but not with a vengeance. She’s back to entertain us during this crisis. Sailor Moon might as well teach us how to fight our inner demons. Who knows?

The official Sailor Moon YouTube channel will feature the first three seasons starting on April 24, 2020.

The three seasons of the anime include:

  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (1992-1993)
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R (1993-1994)
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S (1994-1995)

According to Crunchyroll, here’s the schedule of release on the episodes:

  • April 24-30, 2020: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (1st to 10th episodes)
  • May 1-7: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (11th to 20th episodes)
  • May 8-14: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (21st to 30th episodes)
  • May 15-21: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (31st to 40th episodes)
  • May 22-28: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (41st to 46th episodes) / “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (1st to 4th episodes)
  • May 29 – June 4: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (5th to 14th episodes)
  • June 5-11: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (15th to 24th episodes)
  • June 12-18: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (25th to 34th episodes)
  • June 19-25: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R” (35th to 43rd episodes) / “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (1st episode)
  • June 26 – July 2: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (2nd to 11th episodes)
  • July 3-9: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (12th to 21st episodes)
  • July 10-16: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (22nd to 31st episodes)
  • July 17-23: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S” (32nd to 38th episodes)

Note, each episode will have English subtitles so you can really understand and enjoy the show.

Where to watch it?

Just go to YouTube and search for ‘sailormoon-official’. Or head on to this link:

Meanwhile, there is a new Sailor Moon movie coming to Japan’s theaters on September 11, 2020. It is entitled as the ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’.

Make sure to subscribe and re-watch the iconic heroine. If you don’t know Sailor Moon just yet, you need to watch. You’ll defo end up being a fan!

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