The pandemic is bringing us closer to our future of robot food delivery

Robots may sooner walk among us or should I say pass by us?

The global pandemic has made people pay attention to a new technology developed, small sidewalk robots.

These are buzzing, six-wheeled, microwave-sized robot that zips along sidewalks, turns, and parks. The robots are large white cooler on wheels. These delivery robots are from a startup business Starship and have been operating on George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia campus since early last year.

This delivery robot invention is perfect for the situation we have today wherein people could get food without the risks of face-to-face interactions.

They are safe for general use since they are light and slow-moving enough that they’re unlikely to hurt anyone.

Sidewalk robot companies like Starship and Kiwibot are now rapidly building new robots and roll out service to new areas.

Robot deliveries have been operating in the US for quite a while now and have been delivering food to real customers. It won’t be a surprise to see them buzzing around our neighborhood soon.

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