Need a laugh? Check out these Pun-ny Cebuano memes!

Cebuano memes surely never disappoint.

When it comes to Cebuano social media behavior, Cebuanos have proven that humor could really persist even in serious times. With the threat of Corona Virus and travel bans, Cebuanos have found a way to lighten up the mood online and have shown the world that amidst chaos, you can still have ‘pun’ in Cebu.

With a combination of creativity, wit, and sarcasm (nevermind the editing skills), you can count on Cebuanos to put fun in everything. Let’s not forget that these puns were only based on one photo.

Here is a compilation of Cebuano memes that have been spreading on the internet like wildfire.

Photo credits to the rightful owners of each meme.

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