Pisher Outdoor Cebu: Not Your Typical Outdoor Equipment Store

Pisher Outdoor Cebu is not your typical outdoor equipment store. Aside from catering to the outdoor equipment needs of Cebuano adventurists, they also offer activities that will allow you to experience nature. This place truly lives up to its name and is worthy of a visit for nature lovers out there.

Located in Balamban, Cebu, Pisher Outdoor offers a wide array of high-quality outdoor equipment. Items that they sell include kayaks, spearfishing materials such as mask bags, mahogany spearguns, underwater lights, wet suits, diving masks, and a lot more. Their spearguns are locally-made, so buying these products is a way of supporting the locals.

What makes Pisher Outdoor unique is aside from offering this equipment, they offer a Kayak Cruise Experience or a beach experience for those who want some chill time by the beach. This location in Balamban has recently been attracting a lot of locals who want to have some barbecue and beer by the beach or go kayaking in the nearby mangrove area.

Overnight camping is also allowed (just bring your own tents!) They also offer a boating tour from Balamban to Asturias and back. And to complete your typical Pinoy beach getaway, they have a karaoke and a grilling station in the area. Other activities that Pisher Outdoor offer include diving, river fishing, and spearfishing.

For those who are looking for durable outdoor equipments and at the same time, a relaxing nature escape, Pisher Outdoor Cebu should be on top of your list.


Day use:

  • Entrance fee: None
  • Cottage fees: P200-P300 per day

Other information:

  • Opening hours: 10AM to 5PM daily
  • Other optional fees:
    • Kayak rental: P200 (big kayak), P150 (small kayak) per hour
    • Speargun: P100-300 per day
    • Fins: P100 per day
    • Go Pro Hero: P300 per day
    • Karaoke: P150 per hour
  • Contact number: 0928-211-6265
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pisheroutdoor/


Exact location: Langsub Bay, Nangka, Balamban, Cebu

BY BUS: Head on to Cebu South Bus Terminal and ride a Calvo bus bound for Balamban. Fare is around P100-P120, one-way. The bus will stop at the Balamban terminal and from there, ride a tricycle going to Pisher Outdoor in Langsub Bay. Fare is P50 per head one-way.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Pisher Outdoor” in Balamban. Parking space is available. If you’re coming from Cebu south, it’s best to take the Toledo route. If from Cebu City, take the Transcentral Highway and if from Cebu north, take the Tabuelan route.

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