Pinay College Student completes 9 Ivy League Courses while in home quarantine

We have to be productive with or without this pandemic, but now is the best time to do it.

Student-athletes are known to ace not only their field of specialization, but also in managing their time. However, instead of juggling sports and studies, one student-athlete has used her time management skills on a different scale.

Maxine Esteban, a foil fencer sophomore student from Ateneo De Manila University, used her free time to study and finish nine online courses from Ivy League universities.

Talking about being productive during lockdown, yes?

“With Ateneo calling off all online classes and deciding to give a passing mark to everyone, there wasn’t much to do anymore, there was a lot of idle time,”

– Maxine Esteban

“I was really used to having a hectic schedule. I came across forwarded links of free online courses from Ivy League schools, I got drawn into it because there were so many interesting business courses. I was really happy.”

The 30th Southeast Asian Games bronze medalist and UAAP Season 81 Rookie of the Year Maxine also promotes her personal initiative to raise funds for the health and street frontliners.

“We have a responsibility to our community. In our own small way, we all can do something to help. So, we came up with our fund raiser, and we are really grateful for all donors. We hope to be able to raise more money or supplies. The drive is still on going and we are receiving some call for help from some NGOs.”

Here are her finished Ivy League courses:

  • Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Entrepreneurship 1-Developing the opportunity
  • Entrepreneurship 2-Launching your start-up
  • Entrepreneurship 3-Growth Strategies
  • Entrepreneurship 4-Financing and profitability
  • Viral marketing and how to craft contagious content
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Customer Analytics
  • Yale University
  • Financial markets
  • Introduction to negotiation

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