LOOK: The new, modern Pasil-Suba Fish Market in Cebu City

In case you missed it, the Pasil Fish Market officially reopened to marketgoers at midnight on August 29, 2020 after three months of closure due to the outbreak of COVID-19 disease in the nearby settlements and for the edifice’s renovation.

The City government spent around P4.9 million to improve the Pasil Fish Market. It facilitated the replacement of the market’s old roof, made improvements on all of its fish stalls and cleaned some of the surrounding areas.

Market Administrator Ervin Cabales assured that all areas of the market are now well lit after the mayor ordered the lighting of Pasil Fish Market to ensure the safety of both vendors and marketgoers.

In May, the said market was closed to the public after the outbreak of Covid-19 in barangays Suba and Pasil.

Phase 2: Modern Boardwalk

By the looks of its construction, the new Pasil-Suba Fish Market is almost complete. The seawall in the area will be enhanced by adding a boardwalk.

Once completed, the new and modern Pasil-Suba Fish Market is eyed to attract more local and foreign tourists not just for seafood buys but also for the beautiful boardwalk with seafood restaurants and possibly souvenir shops.

The 2nd phase is expected to completed by first quarter of 2021.

Render from VABB Architects Group Inc.


The public is advised to behave and observe proper health protocols when going to the Pasil Fish Market. Stalls are arranged with at least three meters distance each to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements.

According to Cabales, face masks will be required inside the market as well as quarantine passes.

He also assured that there are handwashing areas for regular disinfection, monitoring for social distancing, and other anti-COVID-19 measures.

He further added that a “one-entrance-one-exit” policy will be implemented to ensure the smooth movement of people in the area.

In a report from Cebu Daily News, the fish market is open from Mondays to Saturdays.  It will be closed for disinfection on Sundays.


Pasil Fish Market was established in 1921 and deals primary in fresh fish sourced from the Visayan Sea, Samar Sea, Camotes Sea and Bohol Strait.

Originally, fish traders from Cebu, Bohol, and other Cebu municipalities were the main suppliers of fish in Pasil, aside from the fish caught by local fishers in the coastal barangays of Cebu City. With limited stocks, the market expanded to accommodate bigger fish traders from Mindanao and other parts of the Visayas who brought in tons of fish and other marine products via cargo trucks.

Since then, it has become the central hub for fish trading and the primary drop-off point for fish catch within Cebu and the neighboring islands. Many local traders from various municipal markets procure fish and other marine products in bulk in this market.

No wonder why it is said to be the largest marketplace for seafood in the Visayas region.

The market was originally part of Barangay Pasil, thus its name. After the city ordinance dividing the barangay into two was approved, it was determined that the market was situated within the boundaries of Barangay Suba. It was later renovated in the 80’s by Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña who also negotiated with the Belgian government for the construction of a nearby fish port.


Exact location: Belgium St., Brgy. Suba, Cebu City

BY COMMUTE: Jeeps with routes 17D, 06G and 12G will pass by Pasil Fish Market. Just let the driver know you’re dropping off at Pasil Fish Market.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Pasil Fish Market” in Pasil, Cebu.

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