Guide: How to rebook / reroute / refund my PAL flight?

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (CoVID-19), the first to be greatly affected is the airline industry. 

The containment of the CoVID-19 spread highly depends on the isolation and mobility reduction of the people. Thus everything has taken a halt. All travel plans were cancelled and every eye was in the airline companies for the advanced booked flights that are now impossible to take. 

Well, breath a sigh of relief for the flag bearer Philippine Airlines (PAL) has made it easier for you to get in touch with them online.

myPAL Request Hub

Rebook or refund your flights the easy way with myPAL Request Hub. You can contact them on your rebooking, travel vouchers and refunds in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill up the form at
  2. Click SUBMIT.
  3. Receive the confirmation of your request via email in 3-5 business days.

myPAL Travel Voucher

If you are not sure, when this pandemic will end or when exactly will you be able to go then you need the myPAL Travel Voucher.

With this, you can now convert your unused ticket value for use on a later date, a new flight or even travel extras.

Unused ticket after your flight

Already missed your flight? Don’t despair. 

If your original flight date was on March 15-April 30 or affected by COVID-19 disruptions then you can still convert your unused ticket even after your flight. 

Click here to learn more:

For more information, visit

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  1. Im having the same problem with them.I’ve been waiting for 8 months and its been few months again until I received a rsponds to telling me that I have to send my refund request through my pals request hub! I paid them $500 already for them to changed and to get my refund but until now I haven’t received any! This is not acceptable! something has to be done . We’re also affected by pandemic and they already open up lots of flights ! so why are they taking a long time to give peoples money back !!!

  2. Im trying to get my refund flight PR118 coming back to Canada but you cancelled 4 times so i bought another ticket form other airline .i have to come back home emergency please reply me.

  3. I been waiting my reply for my refund 4 times cancelled Manila to canada last cancelled may 17, 2020 ineed to bad to comeback in i buy onother ticket from other airline.March25 2020 my original flight to comeback PR 118 .

    • Hello Mdme Margarita Could it be that PAL is so insensitive to us claiming our refunds. Irritating – we are told to send the request for refund( me since 8 months ago.only to sent replies to apologize and that we must be patient and understanding. Until now no sight of refund payment to my bank account…Last few days PAL. office staff directed me to a portal click here and click there but this I find it unbelievable because the first time claim is lodged all the necessary details for your refund are sent and now passengers are asked to submit them again. We deserve to be attended to and it is PAL’S legal obligation to pay us and not let us beg. I’m still stranded 16 months now…Flight fares are sky-high and so unreachable by the likes of me …Disappointing, frustrating, annoying insensible this PAL -supposedly named “Philippine Carrier””? Wise Quotation. * Hat more use is the hay when the horse is dead, gone, forgotten” Got it?

  4. When is PAL resume domestic flights from Laoag to Manila/Manila to Los Angeles. PAL rebooked me for 16 April but the pandemic was extended. Is PAL going to refund my rebooking fee because it wasn’t my choice?


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