Open Letters from the Ladies

The heart wants what it wants and the heart feels what it feels. No matter how much we try to stop it or avoid it — pain, hurt, disappointment, love, and expectations demand to be felt.

In light of expressing these emotions, I have here a sneak peek of the current state of these strong women’s hearts from the team.

To that someone who will be the love of my life

I know you’ll be someone that I can grow and change with. Someone who will value my dreams as much as theirs. Someone who will accompany me in becoming a decent and cool adult.

Someone who will be strong with me, someone who will be happy with me, someone who will love with me and someone who will live with me.

Not as a need or a necessity but as a companion in this adventure we call life.

– nymph

To the one who took my place

If he has to take up all your energy to regain himself again, to find again what he had lost, please be patient and extra understanding. He’ll make it one day and you’ll be the happiest next to him, I know.

– peppa

To the friend I lost

I know I have really lost you. Sorry for thinking that we were more than friends. Sorry for expecting that we could be more than what we already were. Sorry for doing the first move. But, I will never be sorry for being honest. I know I lost you when I started telling you how I felt.

– unknown

To the true keeper of my heart

We’re together for more than a decade, and I still feel the same way. I still feel butterflies in my stomach whenever you kiss my forehead, I still feel hurt whenever we have petty fights, and I still feel scared whenever we’re apart.

We may have broken up several times and had some bickering moments, but we always chose each other.

– Jea

To my long lost ex

Four years might be a long time of moving on but within those years I learned to contemplate and comfort myself in a way that nobody else can. I gained maturity and happiness that I thought I could only get from you.

– raven

To the next person I will be sending flowers

Someday, I’d like to get to know you better. I hope you’re as adventurous as I am because I want you to prepare for an adventurous ride with me. For now, I’m cool with being acquaintances. When the time is right, I’ll be sure to properly introduce myself and hopefully have the guts to ask you for coffee. See you around.

– jester

To the one who made me an option

I was in an extremely depressing state during that time, but now I am okay. I want you to know how happy I am that the stars didn’t align for us because I am now able to experience how it is to be loved fully by someone who didn’t make me an option.

– hotchoco

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