LIST: Online stores in Cebu for groceries, fresh produce and delivery services

The Enhanced Community Quarantine is just around the corner. Soon, there will only be one person allowed in every household to buy the necessary supplies.

Though it is still possible to go out, there is still no safer place than our own homes.

Well worry not because we now present you a list of pages that deliver your basic necessities. They can bring you your groceries, fresh produce and other healthy products.


  1. OMG (Oh My Genie): website / Facebook Page
  2. Gaisano Grand Malls (see below for list of participating branches)
  3. Cebu Online Grocery Services: Facebook Page
  4. New Creations Food’s Inc.: Facebook Page
  5. Landers Superstore Cebu:

1. OMG (Oh My Genie)

Order process:

  1. Go to their website to order and add items.
  2. After placing your items in your cart, proceed to checkout.
  3. On the Checkout – Payment page, select the Pay with Cash option.
  4. You will receive an order confirmation email after you have placed your order.
  5. You can now send a payment for the amount indicated at the Grand Total. Send proof of payment (screenshot/photo and reference number) by replying to the order confirmation email.

Order links:

Payment process:

  • Allowed Payment Process: At this time, they only process pre-paid orders. Payment must be made at least 24 hours before the selected delivery slot.
  • Deposit to BPI: You can use fund transfer via your bank’s mobile app, GCash or PayMaya

2. Gaisano Grand Malls Cebu

Requirement: First of all, you will need a Viber account to order. Viber is a mobile app that can be downloaded for free on iOS or Android devices. Once set up, this will be synced to your mobile number.

Participating Branches:

  • Gaisano Talamban
  • Gaisano Fiestamall Tabunok
  • Gaisano JaiAlai
  • Gaisano Minglanilla
  • Gaisano Mandaue North
  • Gaisano Liloan
  • Gaisano Mactan branches


  1. A Viber account is needed for Shop & Go transactions.
  2. Orders made not later than 12NN of the day are guaranteed to be prepared for the same day’s pick-up.
  3. All orders will be cancelled if payment is not made within 24 hours.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Viber account and prepare ‘Send to’ number on your preferred branch.
    • Talamban: Viber # 0977-284-7578
    • Tabunok: Viber # 0917-843-3179
    • Jai-Alai: Viber # 0905-889-5571
    • Liloan: Viber # 0927-304-1618
    • Minglanilla: Viber # 0933-476-8041
    • Mactan: Viber # 0932-976-9105
    • Mandaue North: Viber # 0915-019-7308
  2. Provide the following details:
    • Complete name
    • Address
    • Contact number (Viber)
    • Nearby Branch:
    • Grocery list:
  3. Wait for the check-out reference number.
  4. Online payment options:
    • BDO (00-268-800-3570) Reference #:
    • MBTC (172-7-172-51299-9) Reference #:
    • Cash or card upon pick-up
  5. Pick-up options:
    • 3rd party delivery service: Customer books and pays for the delivery fee.
    • Store pick-up: Present your checkout reference number to the designated online Shop & Go lanes. Cut-off time is at 5PM.

3. Cebu Online Grocery Services

Order process:

  1. Write down all your grocery needs and Private message on their Facebook Page.
  2. The message should contain:
    • Complete Name:
    • Mobile Phone Number:
    • Address to be delivered:
    • Time and Date to be delivered:
    • Items to buy:
  3. Once the order is placed, we will buy the items for you and deliver it straight to your house the next day on the time that you prefer to have it delivered.
  4. On-the-day delivery will have an extra charge.
  5. We offer Cash On Delivery and receipts will be provided to you as well.
  6. Cebu and Mandaue area only. Consolacion, Lapu-Lapu, Talisay will have an extra charge of 200. For beyond these areas we add another 200 per municipality. Also, subject for approval
  7. Prices are depending on the market you preferred, receipts will be given on delivery.
  8. You can also choose which supermarket you want us to shop!
    • SM supermarket
    • SNR
    • Gaisano
    • Metro Ayala
    • Rustans
    • Collonade
    • Virginia Pork Shop for your pork needs
    • OR your preferred supermarket

Delivery Rates:

  1. P2,500 and below worth of goods will be charged a fixed fee of P250.
  2. P2,501 and above will be charged 10% of the total worth of goods.

Order link:

4. New Creations Food’s Inc.

Order process:

  • Private message on their Facebook Page with your
    • Name:
    • Contact number:
    • Complete address:
  • They will then share with you their price list and order details.
  • Can deliver to: Cordova, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City, Cebu City, Talisay City
  • Minimum purchase:
    • Lapu lapu and cordova area: P500
    • Mandaue and cebu city: P1,000

Order link:

5. Landers Superstore

Order link:


Food Delivery Services

Drug Stores

  1. Rose Pharmacy:
  2. Mercury Drug (Phone Delivery): (032) 255 4187
  3. MedExpress:
  4. MedPadala: (Pick-up)
  5. Delivery apps like Grab, Lalamove, Joy Ride can also buy medicines from the pharmacies.

Let us all help the world amid the global pandemic.Stay at home as much as possible and stay safe.

Special thanks to Justinne Lou Go for helping us collate this list.

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    E-POST: [email protected]


  2. Top Food and Grocery Delivery Services in Cebu – The Rise of Food and Grocery Delivery Services – myxmarket Top Food and Grocery Delivery Services in Cebu – The Rise of Food and Grocery Delivery Services – myxmarket

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  3. You may add, they just launched a new e-commerce website to cater the needs of moms who are looking for fresh fish without the need of going to the market. FoodPhil Corp offers free delivery to Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-lapu City for orders of more than P1,000 only. They also deliver to Talisay, and Consolation for a small delivery fee.

    On FoodPhil Corp’s website you can order fish, shrimps, squids, baby octopus, sea shells and more.

    FoodPhil’s office is located in Cordova, Cebu

    Visit their website to view their products at

  4. Landers website is not working.
    OMG – we can’t check out our order, its asking to log in but no option to create an account so how can we log in.

  5. Hi, Marel. Can you also provide a list of drugstores that deliver medicines? I tried calling the popular drugstores here to buy maintenance meds but nobody are answering their phones. It seems their phones are also under quarantine. I actually scoured Metro Cebu for the past few days, looking for a maintenance med that is rare and cannot be replaced, to no avail. I gave up after the 7th store, because I am afraid that with long lines and without social distancing, I might become infected with COVID. My meds are running out, and my fingers are now stiff dialing their phones but nobody answers. We cannot go out of the house anymore, being senior citizens. And our relatives are in Cebu City, so we cannot let them do the errands for us. Thank you and stay safe!

  6. Happy Hippo Store also delivers for Baking Ingredients and Supplies. (Via lalamove or Grab)
    Check om Facebook for The Happy Hippo Cebu


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