Netflix to release original series about modern Greek mythology

To someone who has studied Greek mythology, learning about a new adaptation on Netflix excites me more than knowing someone has finished Percy Jackson.

In 2018, Netflix announced that it had ordered KAOS, a 10-episode “darkly comic reimagining of Greek mythology” from creator-writer Charlie Covell, who was also behind Netflix’s ‘The End of the F***ing World’. 

He has taken this classic to a high level by exploring themes of gender politics, power and life in the underworld.

‘It’s a 10-hour series for Netflix, and hopefully with a kind of Game of Thrones scale — but tonally it should [feel] End of the World-y, in terms of its humor and its soundtrack and the look of it,’

Covell said.

Kaos will be set in three worlds: the gods, the Earth and the underworld.

While awaiting for its release, I strongly suggest you read the novels written by Homer first. The novels are greatly written and I can assure you a good time.

It was set to start filming by June 2020 with an expected release in 2022, although the production hasn’t released any updates amidst the pandemic.

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  1. Respectfully, Homer did not write “The Illiad” and “The Odyssey.” These poems were created and committed to memory. They were not written down until sometime in the 8th century B.C.


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