LOOK: Mulan-inspired Pre-Debut Photoshoot in Cebu

Because of its timelessness, Disney-inspired photoshoots have been a staple for every theme of every birthday party. But just when we have thought that we have seen them all, a debutante from Cebu suddenly caught our attention.

Joy Mañacap, a debutante from Cebu, stood out from the sea of debutantes by doing a Mulan-inspired photoshoot.

It was just recently that the movie adaptation of Mulan has made waves on social media. This, then, surfaced online. What a great way to really stand out. With her beauty and the shots, I could say it really deserves to trend.

These photos are beyond captivating that we couldn’t help, but reminisce the movie we just watched and our childhood.


  • Wildfolks Studios – Wildgal.ph
  • Video – Life in Motion Cebu
  • HMUA – Michael Nacis
  • Styling – Geof Lagria
  • Coordination – Carlo Abaquita

Watch the full pre-debut video here:


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Sarah Ladeza
Sarah Ladeza
"Cebu needs no Disneyland because it is already a wonderland."

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