Michael Bublé surprises his Filipina caretaker with new home

Of course, we could all be a philanthropist in our own ways.

In this world full of negative news, Michael Bublé decided to be otherwise by giving his caretaker a new home. He renovated his grandfather’s humble abode and gave it to her thereafter.

Minette was his grandfather’s friend and employee. Caretaker Minette worked in his house where Michael has spent many happy hours.

Demetrio, Michael’s grandfather, built a home in Vancouver and has always hoped for Minette to live there after he passed away.

Bublé appeared on the HGTB show Celebrity IOU, where Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott team up with some celebrities to renovate homes of the people they love.

During the show, Bublé explained how Minette would send most of her hard-earned money to her family back in the Philippines, making this gift really matter. Especially because of how Minette has been so close to the family, he said that gifting her this house would feel like gifting it to a family.


“The greatest moments of my life happened here. The songs I learned and the style of music I fell in love with, they all happened here. I hired Minette, the nurse, to come and live with [my grandfather] and by the end, [she] was his best friend. Minette never does anything for herself, and I think my grandpa would be thrilled knowing we could maybe lessen her burden a little bit and continue having Minette help her family,” said Bublé.

“My grandfather, his greatest wish was not just that I kept this house in the family, but it was that this would be your home ’cause he loved you so much, and so there is no documentary, this is all for you,” he added.

Minette broke down in tears and described the house as ‘amazing’.

“Minette is really a special, beautiful woman. My grandpa would be so happy. Giving her this house would have been his dream,” he finished.

This new home will definitely be filled with new laughters and joy. Thanks, Michael!

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