Cool getaway to Mangitngit Falls & Middle Earth Mountain Resort in Carmen

Recently, even in the -Ber months, it no longer gives a “bbrrrr” but more of a “haaaaaa” because of the intense heat. In the city, the scorching sun can be your enemy, making you weak, dehydrated, and slow. Always give yourself time to cool off, and a good place to start would be at the Middle Earth Cold Springs.

Back then, you could embrace the cold waters in Mangitngit Falls and swim in it. However, the falls had once been closed due to an accident involving death, but now it has been opened to the public once again albeit in a different way.

The falls itself has already opened, but you cannot swim in it or go too near to it. To feel the fresh and cold waters, you can go instead in Middle Earth Cold Springs.

Along with the falls is a cold spring in an establishment called the Middle Earth Mountain Resort. The name of this resort most likely stems from the fictitious land of Middle Earth, the prominent setting of the Lord of the Rings lore and the resort’s name fits it well because Middle Earth is known to be a beautiful and exotic sight to visit.

The waters of the cold spring sip right from the falls itself and the place gives a charming and relaxing vibe as you swim along. Because of this establishment, many people can swim along just fine safely. The falls is located in Carmen so expect to see stars and other heavenly objects litter the night sky.

Rates & Other Information


  • Entrance fee: ₱50 per adult; ₱30 for kids below 10y/o
  • Regular Cottage: ₱400 per day, inclusive of 1 table & 5 chairs
  • Large Kiosk: ₱3,000 per day, inclusive of 2 tables and 10 chairs
  • Extras: ₱200 (additional table with 5 chairs) / ₱10 (additional chair)

Other Information

  • Opening hours: 7AM to 5PM daily
  • Contact number: 0936-837-9660 or contact Carmen Municipal Hall at (032) 429-9215; 266-8740
  • Social: Facebook Page

How to Get There

Location: Cantucong, Carmen, Liloan, Cebu

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