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Saan nga ba talaga aabot ang 310 Pesos mo?

Cebu never fails to surprise us with its Instagrammable views yet affordable beaches. Lambug White Beach is undeniably one of the hottest go-to beach destinations this 2018. The crystal clear water, the great blue skies and the refreshing scenery will surely enthrall you.

No need to travel outside Cebu and spend thousands. With a pocket-friendly adventure to South, your feet will surely bring you to the Little Bora of Southern Cebu! What’s great about it? You will get to experience and enjoy the pristine white sand of Lambug White Beach in Badian. There’s an entrance fee of P45 per head, and tents are also allowed.

Let me give you a quick tour.

Lambug Badian Cebu (1)
Photo by Jerllan Randell Labora
Lambug Badian Cebu (5)
Photo by Jerllan Randell Labora

If you wish to stay overnight, you can bring your own tent or a mat “banig” (no charge) so you can truly enjoy stargazing the whole night. Just make sure to bring a blanket and a friend to ward off the chills.

Rates & Other Information


  • Entrance fee: ₱45 per head
  • Tent charge: ₱50 per head on weekdays, ₱150 /head on weekends (bring your own tent) — if you are staying near/in a resort.
  • Cottage: ₱500 per day
  • Bus fare: ₱140 /head
  • Tricycle: ₱30 /head

Contact information

Where to stay in Lambug Beach?

Lambug Beach Homestay

Lambug Beach Homestay
0916 762 0044
Starts at 500 PHP


Magic Beach Resort


Magic Beach Resort
0922 322 5168 / 0906 307 7210
Starts at 700 PHP


Grandeur Beach Resort

Grandeur Beach Resort
0926-278-9880 / 0933-338-3686
Starts at 1,000 PHP


5J Escarpe Lodge & Beach Resort


5J Escarpe Lodge & Beach Resort
Starts at 500 PHP


How to get there?

Exact location: Brgy. Lambug, Badian, Southern Cebu — 3 hours away from the city.

From the South Bus Terminal, take a bus going to Badian or Oslob. Fare is P140. Tell the bus driver to drop you off at the town center or “lungsod” of Lambug Badian. Travel time is approximately 3 hours.

From the town proper, ride a tricycle going to Lambug Beach. Fare is P30 per person. Travel time is 20-30 minutes.

You can park your car or motorcycles for a very minimal fee.

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Hannah Abelgas
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  1. If you are planning to have an overnight stay. Please visit GRANDEUR BEACH RESORT in Lambug Beach. They have very affordable room rates for all kind of guests.

  2. I went there November 5, 2019. I will not recommend coming to this place in a day trip since they will scam you with high prices. I suggest that you get a room at Magic resort or book beforehand.
    When we arrived, we went to the rocky area at the far end of the beach past the resorts. There, we were offered 400 for a table inclusive of using the bath (that’s what he said at first). But when we were done swimming, we approached him para sana maligo na but then he said na 500 man ang with free water. That’s strike 1.
    So we sought a place where we can bathe na. We found one, beside the blue house, an open area where you can see the big drums of water from the outside. The caretaker was a woman. She charged 30 per pail. And hell.. It’s a pail like those kids use for sandcastle making. IT IS SO SMALL. and so when I asked para irefill yung pail ko (so 2nd pail ko na take note), she told me it was my third already. So ok? Strike 2.
    It was a bad experience.. Plus their CR drains to the sea

  3. I would highly recommend staying at Magic Beach Resort in Lambug. It is right beside Grandeur. Basing from personal experience, they are by far the most thoughtful, kind and considerate. Very approachable ang owner, you can ask some favors and they will gladly help you out. They don’t ask for tent fee, just let them know. This is if you decide not to book one of their cottages. And if you are going to use their CR, there is a minimal fee of 20 pesos, the last time I asked. This is because, you are going to use their facility and water. But if you are staying in one of their cottages, it is free of course. New cottages has its own CR. You get to cook your own meals or buy from their cooked meals. Free use of every utensils, cooking equipments that you can find. You have to wash everything including the kalderos, in respect to the other guests who will be using it next/after you. Dish soap is provided, asked them for refill if in case you run out of it. You only have to buy wood for cooking 20.00 per bundle. Or rent a portable stove from them (best option hehe). Drinking water has a fee as well, they will provide you with water despenser. Free towels for the guests but extra towel is 50.00. I can guarantee you, you won’t regret it. You will feel like you are staying in your own rest house. Thats how honey the ambiance is. Maybe because of the positive energy you gey fron the owners and their staff. They will give you tips on what NOT TO DO so that the neighboring resort will not shout at you, and humiliate you just because you happen to laze on their area, knowing that you are not their guest/s.You are going to want to come back again. They will answer all your queries and respond to your requests. And the best part is…you can become friends with them, hence you’ll keep coming back.

  4. Pumanta kami sa lambug beach nung june 22,2019, we came all the way from manila and may dala po kaming own tent namin tapos siningil kami ng 300 pesos for the tent fee daw. Di na man kami nag overnight dun tsaka di rin kami kumuha ng cottage. Walang entance fee sa day stay but kung overnight meron. Nakaka dismaya lang kasi maganda sana yung beach pero yung mga tao dun are not very accommodating tsaka na scam kami sa tent fee ha.

  5. Nag plano ko nga mo anha maybe next week, sure najud na nga walay entrance fee og mahal nga bayad sa trycicle og naa bay bayad sa tent or pwede raba tent ra among gamiton? dire rajud akong plan nga adtoan para sa among anniversary. I just want to make sure everything kay di ko ganahan nga mo end up going there nga ma dissapoint lang, We just want to relax lang. any suggestions will much appreciated.

  6. We went there last week Sunday May 12, was really a dissapointment! lots of garbage and everything has a price! Like the cr is somewhat 20+, if you wnat to wash you have to walk towards the entrance to the beach and pay 30 pesos per drum and if its evening you have to pay 30 pesos each person, its not free at all! if you want to stay overnight you have to pay 200 pesos, the foods and drinks are so expensive so its good that we buy at the market first..And we pay 50 pesos each person to the trycicle from market to the beach well its kind of far away..but only 30 pesos if you stop by the korean restaurant..The goodthing in that travel we had is the Lechon Manok we buy in the market which is cheap and very delicious..All in all we didnt have a great experience in that beach we try to find the kind of photos above but we failed to see it and its not wide enough for many people, also the sunset, unlucky for us theres a big clouds above the negros mountains(?) so its like few minutes only so its really frustrating to see. I think its much better in Maravilla Beach in Tabuelan. Anyways, I hope to the people who plan to visit this area try to search more information, have a backup plan like a near place to transfer to and ensure your budget must be big enough.

  7. We went there last week. Unfortunately the beach was dirty and plastics are everywhere and bottles of beers are scattered. Tricycle fee was 50 per head and we were like sardines! The god for 4 room was too small and was priced for 1500! Tents are not free. You need to pay even if youre getting a room. Most hated part? Water supply. No water…

    We went here 2 years ago and it was soo beautiful! I was shocked when I saw it last week. We ended up going to kawasan to rinse off hahaha!.

  8. Can you recommend a place were we can stay overnight, I am planning to go there this coming saturday and I have 1y/o kid so we need atleast a decent room to stay during night. Any suggestion is much appreciated!

  9. Hi, thank you for this post. I love to visit this place this coming
    December, we will visit kawasan falls and moalboal,
    How to get there po if were like from kawasan or moalboal?
    Thanks in advance.☺️

    • I’m at backend of trio been traveling 4minths w kids…kawasana falls…white beach in moalboal…badian.are all doable arriving at moalboal..and getting a room at n n c guesthouse or wherever..and u can rent motorbike for day for 250 pesos or take trycicle or bus…trycycle to white beach is 150 pesos maximum badian same.but u can actually take bus that cost 40 pesos..kawasana falls is 30 to 40 minutes south of moalboal..after that u can take the Oslob bus route..or like me secide to catch the 10am ferry in santender to siquijor..which I recomend u must go to saleedong beach and him from cliff to sea..u can also snorkel n swim with tortoises…kawasana..depending beach in siquijor..are my favs do far

  10. You said fees for tents are illegal but when I scrolled down naay nakabutang tent charge. Libog sad sha gamay. Please clarify. Planning to go over the weekend

  11. Please update changes like entrance fee to Lambug beach and others. They recently implemented new rules. By doing so, you won’t mislead tourists with information years ago. Thank you and keep surprising us with unknown yet amazing destinations here in Cebu.

    • Hi, Jaycee. Thanks for your comment and your kinds words. :) I called again Badian’s LGU today, October 10, and they confirmed that there really is no entrance fee.

      As also written in this article:
      “When we posted about Lambug, we received a lot of comments complaining about the “illegal collection” of fees in Lambug. has no control over this, but we urge interested visitors to demand for an official receipt as stated in the above poster.

      If these collectors cannot issue a receipt, please call (032) 475-9118 or email [email protected].”


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