Kurt Fick and Jacky Chang collab for ECQ version of ‘Balay Ni Mayang’

“Kay gimingaw nako nimo gamay.”

Kurt and Jacky did a cover of the famous ‘Balay ni Mayang‘ but have rewritten the lyrics. The song sends us a message about the crisis we are currently facing and on what we should be doing.

Watch it here:

Balay Ni Mayang (ECQ Version) – Kurt Fick and Jacky Chang

Balay Ni Mayang (ECQ Version) – Kurt Fick and Jacky ChangKumusta inyong quarantine? Magpahinumdom lang mi ninyo nga layo pa ang GCQ. Puyo usa ta’s balay. Here’s our new take of the song Balay Ni Mayang! Amping mo guys!Thank you to the angels who funded the production of this material.

Posted by Queen City Records on Thursday, May 7, 2020

I miss you, but that’s all that we could ever do. At least, for now. Because once all of this is over, I will definitely come running back to you.

Wait. Did I sound like I was just trying to sing you a song? Because what I’m about to tell you is something that would make you think twice about visiting someone whom you dearly miss.

If you miss someone, ‘ayaw na pagdugaydugay, pagdali na’ g anhi kay ganahan ko kitang duha diri mopahuway’ should not be said. Hold your horses and turn on your internet connection. Call your significant other, or maybe a friend.

That’s what most people do. Even singers. Like Cebuanos Kurt Fick and Jacky Chang. Doing a collab over the phone is definitely possible. Especially during this quarantine period.

‘Palihog pagpuyo sa balay

Aron ang virus dili mokatay’

Kurt and Jacky shot their videos in their respective homes and edited both for a lyric video.

‘Hugasi ang kamot kanunay

Palayo lang sa gyod kay

Ganahan mo kaha ang crisis di magdugay?’

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