You can now stream ‘I’m Drunk, I Love You’ for FREE on YouTube

You can never go drunk during quarantine, but you can always be in-love.

With the giving away of free e-books to the public, movies are also now being given away for free. I am saying ‘given’ because it is for free.

To keep everyone entertained amid the pandemic, TBA Studios has given the fans of Paolo Avelino and Maja Salvador a treat.

I’m Drunk I Love You, a local movie starring the aforementioned actors is now available for FREE STREAMING on YouTube.

If quarantine has made you confess to your long-time crush , but didn’t end well, this one is for you. This film revolves around an unrequited love, though this is not what it is all about.

This film was inspired by Director Habac’s late night drinking sessions hence, the title and the plot. But because we are still placed under quarantine and a nationwide liquor ban, let’s settle with a glass of juice, shall we?   

Where to watch it for free?

Just go to the YouTube app or website and search for “I’m Drunk I Love You”.

You can also go directly to this link, or watch it below:

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