Hyun Bin and Ji Chang Wook are coming to the Philippines soon

It is no secret that Filipinos are enamored with Korean dramas. It started years back when several Korean series aired in Philippine television and eventually took the airwaves. Since then, Korean artists have visited the Philippines for fan meets and concerts, to personally greet and feel the warm welcome of their Filipino fans.

SMART, a local telecommunications company have released a teaser announcement revealing that “The Captain is coming. Watch out for the big RiVeal.” What a SMART marketing strategy, right?

Hyun Bin for SMART
Hyun Bin for SMART

However, it does not stop there because exactly a week ago, Bench founder Ben Chan broke the internet when he posted a video on Instagram with caption, “Your crush, landing soon.” With this, people knew in their Korean hearts that it had to be Hyun Bin, the lead actor in the hit K-Drama series ‘Crash Landing on You’. I mean, who else, right? Agree, CLOY fans?

Because people are so eager to know, it did not take long for Ben Chan to spill the beans as he eventually confirmed it in one of his interviews. He also revealed that the CLOY lead actor will be visiting Manila soon, and so will his fellow K-drama actor and Face of Bench Fragrances, Ji Chang Wook.

Ji Chang Wook for Bench
Ji Chang Wook for Bench

“Hopefully, we will do that late this year,” says Ben. “But to be on the safe side, we might do it early next year instead.”, he added.

Who else can’t wait for the Korean heartthrobs to land in Philippines soon?


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