Genesis Valley Mountain Resort: Your Weekend Getaway in Consolacion

One of the best ways to have that much desired R&R we truly deserve is to frolic in cool waters on a very beautiful resort. Genesis Valley Mountain Resort in Consolacion is more than ready to satisfy that weekend fantasy.

Genesis Valley Mountain Resort Consolacion Cebu (1)

Situated in a secluded area in Consolacion, this serene sanctuary is very popular when it comes to family gatherings and team buildings. The place was originally a private property where eventually it opened to the public.

To start off, the resort is abundant in trees and plants, giving you that much-desired breather from the city life. The place has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, ready for you to take a dip on its cool and refreshing waters.

 The place is perfect for all sorts of relaxation because aside from the cooling waters, there is also a playground and an exercise facility, fit for kids and the kids’ at heart.


The place has an aviary too, where different types of exotic birds are kept – truly a sight to behold for the visitors.


For those who wish to spend the night in this majestic sanctuary, Genesis Valley Mountain Resort also offers rooms.

  • Deluxe rooms (for two)
  • Barkada rooms
  • Kubo-themed rooms

Rates & Other Information

Day Use Rates:

  • Entrance fee (Reservations): ₱150 per adult, ₱100 per kid
  • Entrance fee (Walk-ins): ₱200 per adult, ₱150 per kid
  • Day Use: 8AM to 5PM

Full Rates:

Other Information:

  • Contact numbers: (032) 346-2078 / 346-2086 / 0917-631-6041 look for Ms. Shiela or Ms. Ganggang
  • Social: Facebook Page

How To Get There?

Exact location: Cabangahan, Consolacion, northern Cebu — approx. 1.5 hour away from the city.

BY JEEPNEY: From SM City Cebu, you can ride a jeepney going to Consolacion. If you’re from the Talamban/Pit-os area, there are also jeepneys that go to Consolacion.  You can drop off at Fooda Consolacion where afterwards you can ride a habal-habal  to take you to Genesis Valley. Average fair is around P50-P80 and make sure that you negotiate with the mentioned price to avoid being scammed.

BY CAR: Navigate with Google Maps or Waze then set the destination to “Genesis Valley Mountain Resort” in Consolacion. Parking space is available.

So, plan your next weekend getaway with your family and friends and make Genesis Valley Mountain Resort your well-deserved R&R destination!

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