Food deliveries in Cebu with cheesy side notes trend online

Ever since the whole nation has been placed on lockdown, we have seen how our fellow Filipinos have mourn over their misery of their favorite fastfood chain, or maybe the feeling of gathering with friends. Which is why some establishments have gone the extra mile to provide us our cravings.

Online deliveries have been part of our new normal. From apparels to food, name it, they will deliver it. But one thing caught my attention – online food deliveries with a side note!

Yes. If you’re sending food to someone and make it special amid home quarantine, you can order online and put a side-note.

You can even do the same for yourself. This way, you’ll feel a little lighter amidst the fact that you just sent it to yourself. It’s always great to love ourselves even more, especially during this crisis.

Here are some side-notes worth appreciating. #SelfLove is key.

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Sarah Ladeza
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