Facebook to be banned in the Philippines due to Fake News dissemination

Without Facebook, how do you think can you survive the next weeks in quarantine?

With the nation being placed in an enhanced community quarantine, we could only bank on our social media accounts to pass time. We rant on Twitter about the government’s shortcomings, we stream videos for entertainment on YouTube, we post our throwback photos on Instagram for inspiration, and we check everything about COVID-19 on Facebook.

Because of all the news being circulated on Facebook about COVID-19, netizens have failed to think before they click. They were not able to know what they were reading hence, the improper sharing of FAKE NEWS.

Though the easiest access to all updates about COVID-19 is Facebook, the company is not happy about how Filipinos have been using Facebook. Earlier today, it was announced that Facebook would be banned in the Philippines due to “improper usage”. The amount of fake news Facebook has reported within the span of two weeks alone up surged to 100%.

So, even if Facebook has been our easiest means to access information, Facebook Philippines has been keen on discouraging fake news dissemination hence the banning of the app.

May the need to ban Facebook open our eyes and make us realize the importance of weighing what we are reading. If you have reached this part, you have probably known that today is April 1st. What is this article then? Happy April Fools!

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