El Paradisio: Tropical Beach Paradise in Tabogon

Fantasies have always been a way of escaping reality and have always provided comfort especially during lonely times.

El Paradisio offers the same dream-like escape with a private property that’s nestled kilometers away from the bustling metro. 

El Paradisio sits atop a low-lying cliff with natural pools of the cool glistening ocean slapping the face of the rock. With interiors that are adorned with eccentric and nature-themed designs, El Paradisio fully immerses its guests in the peace and calm of Tabogon’s thriving wildlife.

The rooms are surrounded by lush plants and trees while also having a picturesque view of turquoise waters. Rustic furnitures made out of wood and other native materials also decorate the rooms, seemingly blending with the natural background.

Aside from a completely relaxing paradise, the resort is also surrounded by free-spirited fauna to go with the abundant flora. Arabian horses frolic on the grassy fields of El Paradisio, stomping around showing visitors that they own the place. They can occasionally be seen feeding on grass or just galloping around.

The horses are completely harmless and have been trained by the owner so guests don’t have to worry about any horse-related accidents. Moreover, everyone’s favorite four-legged friends are allowed to spend a stress-free vacation with their fur parents in the resort. A patio is also placed by the cliff serving a dual purpose – to enjoy the seabreeze and to have a VIP seat for the occasional turtle viewing.

Outside the comfortable spaces of the rooms, there are many spots in the resort that are perfect for meditating and just basking in the tranquil atmosphere. If guests prefer the verdant sceneries of the plants and trees, then they can lounge on the few wooden benches scattered around the resort or they can gather their friends around a campfire.

Sun loungers can also be found near the edge of the cliff for a panoramic view of the resort and the sea. They also have a swimming pool that’s also facing the ocean side with the same scenic view that’s improved by taking a refreshing dip in the salt pool water. Another alternative is dipping in the blue waters at the bottom teeming vibrant corals and various underwater creatures.

The natural atmosphere of El Paradisio will pair magnificently with the array of traditional Filipino dishes that they serve which can be eaten anywhere in the resort – in the comfort of the rooms, near the sea, or in the presence of nature. Cooking areas are also provided to give the guests the freedom of cooking their own food.

The untamed nature and exclusive space in El Paradisio will surely give one of the best and most relaxing tropical experiences in Cebu with 150,000 square meters of their sustainable eco-resort and various nature-themed activities and facilities. 



  • Bahay Kubo Cottage: ₱6,000 per night, good for 5 persons w/ breakfast
  • Iguana Cottage: ₱4,500 per night, good for 2 persons w/ breakfast
  • Gate House Cottage: ₱4,000 per night, good for 2 persons w/ breakfast
  • Additional Guests: ₱500/person per night, w/o breakfast

A stay of 2 or more nights are given a 15% discount.


  • Kitchen/Grill
  • Terrace Dining
  • Infinity Pool
  • Beach Beds
  • Salag’s Mangrove Park


  • Turtle Viewing
  • Dolphin Viewing (during migration period)
  • Wild Horse Viewing
  • Snorkeling
  • Jewelry Making


  • Snorkeling Gear: ~P500, good for the entire stay
  • Jewelry-Making Class: ~P5000 per person, w/ lunch
  • Motorbike: ~P500
  • Cooking Service: ranging from ~P500 to ~P800



Exact location: Camoboan, Tabogon, Northern Cebu — approx. 3 hours away from the city.

BY BUS: Find your way to the Cebu North Bus Terminal. From the terminal, take a bus bound for Bogo and alight at the Damulog Crossing towards Tabogon. From Damulog crossing, someone can pick you up and take you directly to the resort for P1000 pesos so don’t forget to contact the resort beforehand.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “El Paradisio Resort” in Tabogon. Parking space is available upon arrival.

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  1. Not worth it.
    House is too far from the pool.
    Pool is dirty.
    Beach is far from the pool.
    Utensils are old and rusted.
    House is hot and will literally cook the people inside.
    Stairs are unsafe. Too steep.
    Rude staff.


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