Cebuano creates creative Cebu Structures Replicas

Being at home while on community quarantine gives us a lot of time to ourselves. Some are taking that as an opportunity to sharpen their skills or learn new ones to be productive.

Arman Fortun, a fellow Cebuano, has certainly been artistically productive. He has created replicas of famous Cebu structures using the software Blender v2.81 and Photoshop CS6.

Models/Replicas includes:

  • Krus ni Magellan
  • Compania Maritima circa 1930
  • Cebu Normal School
  • University of the Philippines Cebu
  • Temple of Leah
  • Basilica Minor Del Santo Niño de Cebu

“I only have Google maps and photos online for references, so these are not to scale.”

– Arman Fortun

Focus on the positive, be creative and be safe. A healthy disposition means a healthy immune system. 

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Marel Baluyos
Marel Baluyos
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