Cebuano makes ‘DIY Drone’ a.k.a. Cellphone on Airplane Mode (literally)

Filipinos sure have a lot of creative juices, especially during lockdown.

Eljem Po Gio from Tabogon, Cebu posted on Facebook some interesting ‘aerial shots’ of their place. If you think he’s using a drone, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. He attached his phone on a kite and took photos.

Who would have thought that you need not to shell a huge amount from your savings to buy yourself a drone? I mean, we all know the difference of the quality and on how we couldn’t really navigate the kite as much as we could with the drone. But hey, they sure serve the same purpose. After all, we wouldn’t want to waste our money during quarantine, so, this is a fun alternative.

Though we don’t encourage you to do the same, we just want to share to you how our fellow Cebuanos are actually spending their time during quarantine. We all have our own little ways to have fun, this is his.

okay pata? 😂

Posted by Eljem Po Gio on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Whatever it is that you can think of, just make sure you’re safe and sound while doing it. You take care!

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